September 27, 2011

Flummoxed....or if GMAC is looking for a spokesperson, I'm available...

Just last year, I did a post about how it has been PROVEN that many of us suck as drivers.  You can read it here, if you are so inclined.

Today, just reinforced my belief.  Today, on the FRONT page of our local newspaper was the beginning of a full article* - with a picture diagram - about "WHAT to do when you encounter a flashing yellow arrow!"

(I expect that it will be THE lead story on tonight's local news!)

Seriously.  Here's the picture taken from the paper.


Apparently, the majority of us do not have lick of common sense; so they had to print a "How-To" guide.  ON THE FRONT PAGE OF THE PAPER (like there isn't more important things to dominate the front page of the paper?  Like war, the economy, famine, a fabulous sale on shoes.....?).

The article went on to point out that the flashing yellow arrow is new to the area and that, apparently, people are confused.  Scratch that.  They aren't confused.  They are "flummoxed." (Don't you just love that word?  It's very telling; isn't it?)


A spokesperson from the local transportation department says that there have been "many" calls by "flummoxed" drivers.  Drivers who have told him "I went online and looked at my driver's manual and it doesn't say anything about them."


Even I, not the brightest bulb in the box, quickly sized up the situation the first time I was presented with the flashing yellow arrow and determined that I should proceed with caution, yielding to oncoming traffic and pedestrians.

Really, just how hard is this?

Green means go.  Yellow means slow down.  Red means stop.  And flashing yellow means proceed with caution.


Very, very basic.

But a flashing yellow arrow is cause for wide-spread panic?


Do we really need an article on the FRONT PAGE of the paper telling us this?

(Obviously we do.  Especially, since there are also cutesy signs all over the place in town telling us to "Move to the Right for Emergency Lights."  Signs, which I might add, are pretty much ignored by the general population.  And, I must say, it pretty much "flummoxes" the general population when those of us who DO KNOW what those emergency lights/sirens mean and we DO pull over ..)

But apparently, the good folks of this little city are "flummoxed" by the very idea of a flashing yellow arrow!

But, I'm really not too terribly surprised.  Especially after I checked out GMAC's website for this year's statistics for the states with the worst drivers (which, by the way, is backwards.  They post the list from Best to Worst; rather than the other way around.  I suppose they are trying to spare the Worst's feelings; or something).

Today alone I have encountered many people who are unaware of the purpose of their turn signals; people who are in a turn-only lane who decide to go straight (and cut me off, while NOT using a turn signal to let me know that "Oops!  I messed up and am in the wrong lane; please forgive me and let me over!") and countless others who are obviously "flummoxed" by the basic rules of the road.

Frankly, I'm more surprised to discover that we (as a state) have actually IMPROVED (by a hair) over last year.  This year we rank as the 16th state with the worst drivers.  Go us!  We moved OFF the "15th Worst Driver's" list!  (But dear, fellow North Carolinian's, we are STILL in the top 20  - boo!)

Keep it up, North Carolina.  At this rate, the majority of us will know how to drive by the year 2048!

And, for the record?  I'm a good driver; a VERY good driver.....despite what you may hear from my husband...he lies.

* I'd post a link, but this is an anonymous blog and the article would blow my cover....or at least, my exact location.....

Also?  Totally NOT a sponsored post....but if GMAC would like for me to be a spokesperson for how NOT to drive....I'm TOTALLY available!


  1. I just typed out a long, tacky comment and changed my mind. You should be proud of me! I haven't seen a traffic light like that, or if I have... I wasn't flummoxed enough to question it.

  2. Haven't seen these in Washington state yet. But I'm sure that they will tell us in plenty of time what they mean. You just never know when green might mean STOP. Right? :-)

  3. Wow. I am constantly amazed at how bad drivers have gotten down here too (actually, I'd love to know where Florida ranked on that list - I'm guessing near the bottom. Along with education.)

    Just yesterday, I watched the car in front of me in the left hand turn lane suddenly swerve into traffic (without any signals) and proceed to cross three lanes of traffic to turn right at the next street. Crazy!

  4. Glad I don't drive, this sounds like a nightmare and I would be the sort of driver the diagram is designed for!

  5. Ack!

    People are crazy drivers here. A lot of them don't even bother doing the speed limit and I'm like ???

  6. I need this, sometimes I'm so confused because I live with a teenager that I forget how the lights work. Don't make fun of those who have lost our best brain cells to teenagers and cheap wine.

  7. This post has me just flummoxed. ;)

  8. I'm confused by the dots. What do the dots mean? I also didn't finish reading the instructions. Did the instructions explain the dots, or was that on the newscast?

    I am also confused by the arrows. What do the arrows mean? What if I want to turn in a direction that is opposite of the arrows?

    Maybe I should not go outside today. Day ruined. THANKS.

  9. Hopefully that will be the last front-page instructional from them. With luck the shoe sale ads will now appear regulary.

    Speaking of the 'dense' out there...we have the same problem up here when folks come up to a 4-way stop sign. A nasty free-for-all-slash standoff in effect. It seems to me that more common sense is in order...