May 2, 2012

Dear Universe: I have FAR too much on my plate as it is, thank you.

So you can stop with adding on the second helpings that I don't need.  Let me deal with the "firsts" first.  Then, I can take on all the other stuff that you are throwing at me.

Yes, Universe, I realize that you have your time lines, deadlines, and what-have-you's, but you need to realize that I am only one, little person.  I can only deal with so much at one time.  Haven't you learned yet that I don't have the patience and the fortitude to put out all these fires at once?

Yes, I realize that I AM a great multi-tasker.....but haven't you heard?  Studies have shown that when one multi-tasks, one isn't giving one's full attention to the particular task at hand.  And right now?  Well, now ALL of the tasks sitting in front of me need my FULL attention; rather than my partial attention.

So, Universe dear, I am begging you....back off for a little while.  Let me deal with these very important tasks and then I PROMISE I will give these other tasks that you are asking me to do with my full attention.  Deal?


Unfortunately, the Universe can be an out and out bitch witch and is cutting me no slack.  Between work, home and personal stuff I feel like I am drowning.

And, of course, May is looking to be even worse....what with end-of-the-school-year activities, graduation, graduation party; deciding who should and should NOT be invited, and just now realizing that those invites need to go out NOW; etc....not to mention the MAJOR work stuff going on right this rate, I figure I will be completely bonkers by the time Memorial Day Weekend/Graduation rolls around.

I've also been reminded, repeatedly (via different venues), to take in those little moments; to secure those memories into my brain and to quit just plodding through trying to make it through the day; of which I am completely and totally guilty of....and I know I need to to do that, but really?  Right now, I just don't have the time or the energy to do so....and, to be perfectly honest, some of these "moments" I really just don't want to ever remember again.

So while I am over here panicking if any of you crafty, creative, non-insane people have any ultra fabulous (i.e., cheap) ideas for a graduation party please let me know because I am quickly running out of time and have no energy or creativity leftover to even think about it.


  1. I made really cute desserts for Nate's graduation.

    This is also cute, don't know how easy it is:

    And this would be cute if you're doing a buffet or finger foods kind of shindig.

    As far as decorations go, I'd buy balloons in the school colors with matching streamers and tablecloths. Check the dollar store for paper plates and napkins in his school colors. And actually- I think I have seen graduation stuff there. Definitely worth checking into.

  2. Well, let's just say I am not inclined to trade places with you. Did all that, way far in the past but my memories remind me to be kind to you. :-)

  3. I didn't have any graduation parties for my kids. We took them out to eat and then they headed to the school for the graduation bash. Yep, I'm a slacker and the school did better than I ever could and they had WAY MORE ROOM for partying.

  4. I'm so sorry, Gigi...the end of the year is always hectic and crazy anyway. I can't even imagine how crazy it must be with graduation! Although, I guess I'd better start imagining and thinking about it - because I'll be dealing with it too in just a year. Yikes!

  5. I don't think my parents did any graduation parties for me so I don't have any tips. I know places like WalMart and partycity have decorations for cheap.

  6. All I can say is Pinterest. It's all there for the taking.

  7. Ditto. Ditto. No good ideas for graduation. Mine was relatively simple, you know, everyone invited, typical cookout fair... good luck!

  8. I wish Firstborn would let me give him a party! He doesn't want one, but I have a year to change his mind. tee-hee
    Lots of good food and music is all the teenagers want. You're so creative, I know you'll end up posting pictures of the party with with all the amazing ideas you came up with. I bet you were one of those students who came to class saying they didn't study and then get an A on the test! LOL!