October 12, 2012

"Get out the best you can...." Seriously?!

Monday morning dawned gray and cold.  Not the best way to start a Monday - as if there is any great way to start a Monday......but there you go.

Despite the gloom, I got up and went to work.  What can I say, it's not like I had a choice.

Not long after my arrival, I checked my email only to discover a company-wide email from the Building Manager guy alerting us to the fact that a fire drill has been scheduled for Friday.  At 1:30 pm, to be exact.  No keeping us on our toes around here, nosireebob - gotta make sure we aren't surprised when that alarm goes off.

The email didn't bother me.  No, in fact, I actually appreciated the heads up, especially in light of what happened next.

What DID bother me was when I pulled out our "Emergency Evacuation Manual" just to remind myself  as to who was to do what.....only to discover that our Emergency Evacuation Personnel list hasn't been updated....for years.

So being the good girl scout that I am, I fired off an email to this guy alerting him to this fact.

Eventually, after taking his own sweet time about it, he calls me back only to tell me the following....

"Well, no one has volunteered to replace those who have left......"They" went overboard with this thing anyway.....Just get out the best you can."

I kid you not.

Let's just ignore the fact that this moron is not doing his job - despite repeated reminders.  This moron actually said "Just get out the best you can."


I realize that we are in a sleepy, little town and probably don't have to worry about terrorists, or bombs, or *insert whatever insane scenario that you can imagine here*....but still.

What IF something DID happen?  It COULD.  Crazy stuff happens EVERY. FREAKING. DAY. because we live in an insane world these days.....AND we don't have designated people to do their designated duties?  How many people might be injured....or worse; die?  All because he said "Get out the best you can."

I seem to recall a story that was floating around after the horrific events of 9/11 about an office manager that was serious about their evacuation procedures - had drills, had people trained in what to do, etc. -basically he went "overboard."  If I recall correctly, most of the people from that office made it out.  All because that person didn't have the attitude of worry about yourself - and screw everyone else....this is just penny ante b.s. that just wastes my time.

As I was venting my frustration to a co-worker she reminded me that, because people have left, we no longer have anyone available on our floor who is trained in CPR or use of the defibrillator.  I guess because no one has "volunteered."  God knows this moron hasn't actually ASKED for volunteers.

So I suppose if any of us, or *gasp*  even worse, one of the executives, happen to have an issue we are expected to call 911 and then call around to the other floors looking for someone to come up - when they have time - to help us?  Guess whose ass will be on the line then?  Yup....that's right the same moron who said (all together now) "Get out the best you can."

Obviously, he is far too dense to think that far ahead.

This man infuriates me on so many levels.  All I want to know is why can't he do his damn job?  This is not the first indiscretion I've noticed - but it certainly is the worst.  Why does such a lazy man as this have a job - that he obviously doesn't want to do - and my husband doesn't?  It doesn't make any sense to me.

After hanging up with him - I had no words then; and after venting to said co-worker - I went around and solicited volunteers to check out the restrooms, etc. to make sure everyone gets out "the best they can" today.


  1. Some people are conscientious and care about their jobs, and others simply collect a paycheck. Although I've been half a decade out of the work world, it was no different then. Glad YOU care enough to do a good job, Gigi.

  2. When the zombie apocalypse happens I'm coming to find you first. Then I'm gonna let you take charge and I will follow so closely in your shadow that you will trip over me.

  3. Hi, I finally managed to get onto your blog and now I have subscribed so even if my overzealous IP won't let me log on, I will still get to read (until they ban my yahoo account!!!!)

  4. Geez.
    Did you happen to see my post about the guy here who is probably the third highest paid person?? who sleeps all day...so much in fact, that the shop personnel take his sleeping picture and send it to everyone. They have sent him home, told him things, and yet day after day, he snores...I hear him down the hall...meanwhile I am waiting on HIM to do his research so I can do my job....
    I cant wait for someone to tell me something, so I can point out how they pay him DAILY to come in and nap....
    what a joke. I dont understand how half the people on the planet manage to have and keep a job.

  5. By my estimation and a look at the clock, this will have already taken place. HOW DID IT GO? Have you volunteered yet?

  6. Wow. Moron is an understatement. I don't know what to say... except there are so many like him in upper management. It's disgusting. Maybe contact the local fire chief?? Are you guys owned by a corporation? Then you could call higher up...?

  7. Wow. How sad! Good for you for taking the initaitve to make sure things are done right!

  8. I know crazy stuff doesn't happen every day, AND yes, it could, but I think your menopause stuff makes you THINK bad stuff is going to happen. Just make sure everyone gets out the best they can, k? :) And ya, that guy was a douche (I've always wanted to use that word in a sentence!)

  9. Gigi, why did his response surprise you? Sounds like he was having one of those days you had. LOL! Men have a "time of the month" also. He'll probably call you back soon and tell you to come up with some type of evacuation plan and then you'll be pissed you even brought it up.