October 22, 2012

It's a Magic Portal, son....kinda like Harry Potter's owl

Not long after Man-Child went away to college he realized he needed a book and asked me to order it for him.  Being the fabulous mom that I am, I did.  And had it shipped to him.

I asked him repeatedly if he'd gone to his mailbox to get it.  Repeatedly, he told me no. I guess he was figuring it would just somehow magically appear in his room.

Then I came across a shirt that I knew he had meant to take with him.  So again, being the good mom that I am, I mailed it to him - but didn't mention it - I figured it would be a nice surprise.

And nothing.

So again, I asked him if he'd checked his mailbox.  Again no.

Apparently, walking two buildings over to check said mailbox is far too much exertion for a teenage boy, my bad.

Finally, in a fit of frustration, I told him that the mailbox is a "magic portal" that could hold all kinds of wonderful things.  To which he replied, "Is it food?"  *sigh*

This, apparently, was enough incentive for him to walk to the mailbox to retrieve his book and his shirt to which he said, "Thanks, I was wondering where that was."

Then, I mailed him a card and a small something.  Just to let him know I was thinking of him.


Finally, I broke down and texted him "Have you checked your mailbox?"  To which he replied, "No.  But I'll do it."

Being in a sassy state of mind, I said, "Why?  Are you expecting something?"

Him: "You implied that I am"

Me: "I didn't imply anything.  I was just asking a question."

Then I got a phone call asking if there was anything in the mailbox.  I played dumb.  And reminded him that it IS a magic portal.

Still nothing.

Apparently, sending goodies and care packages as a surprise is going to be an impossible task since he won't go check that damn box without being prompted.

As an aside, I wrote this a while ago, but never got around to editing/posting; eventually he did find the package.  But just today, I sent him another surprise.  I wonder how long it will take for him to find it?


  1. I just had the same conversation with Bonus Brother... except his magic portal actually did have food in the box... let's hope he finds it before it expires. :)

  2. In that case, I don't recommend you sending food, or anything that can go bad! Silly boy might eat it and get sick.

  3. He's being pretty typical, don't you think? I wonder why the mailbox -- err, magic portal -- is so far from him. I guess he's not getting much exercise, is he? :-)

  4. Oh yes! I know just what you mean! I have sent my son cards and found out later that he never checked his mailbox unless he knew there would be money and/or gifts there!

  5. Ah teens, the same the world over :)

  6. lol you're such a wonderful mom. i have to ask my mom to send me something. errr. but you know what? she's different with my brother. guess moms are always like this to their sons. am i right or am I not incorrect? :-D

    just me,

  7. Oh, this is so funny! I've learned a lesson here though - next year when my son is away at college and I send him something, I won't even ask. I'll just text him and in all caps say, CHECK YOUR MAILBOX!! lol

  8. Ha ha....Or maybe, YOU HAVE MAIL!!

  9. Ha, very nice of you. I hope he checks his mail soon!