October 18, 2012

The weight of the world.....

Is resting right here.  Right on top of these little shoulders of mine.  I kid you not, it truly feels that way.  Especially after the way this past week has gone.

Today was just the icing on top.  Today was a particularly stressful day, for no particular reason.  You ever have those kinds of days?  The kind where everyone says "no pressure" but yet the pressure is still there?

The kind of day where that one attorney - the one whose wife calls at least ten times a day, decides that today she needs to talk to her husband at least twenty times; and WILL keep calling until he actually answers the phone?  Although, he can't because he is in a meeting; a very, very, very long meeting.  I swear, at one point today I knew that if I saw her number pop up on caller id one more time that I would completely and totally lose control and find myself screaming at her to NEVER CALL HERE AGAIN!!!!!

The kind of day where every single time you tried to buckle down and work on that one project - you know, the project you have been putting off because for some strange reason people keep asking you to do other stuff - your email notification-thingy is going haywire and you are getting all kinds of urgent, need-it-NOW kinds of messages?

The kind of day where the phone will NOT stop ringing - and this isn't even counting the twenty-some odd calls from the aforementioned wife.  The wife, who from my understanding, was once a quite capable (or so I'm told) professional.  Who should understand that actual work goes on in this building and that the people in it do not have time to chit-chat all day long....*ahem* sorry about that, it's been a long day and that little rant has been building up for some time now.

The kind of day where once again, Mother Nature decides to surprise you with the fact that you aren't quite done with that "special visit" that you were sure was over and done with.  And you, once again, determine that Mother Nature is, in fact, an evil, spiteful bitch who hates you. And you begin to wonder what are the odds of actually coming down with Toxic Shock Syndrome if you decide to combat Mother Nature and wear protection 24/7?  Then you read the symptoms of TSS and begin to think that it might be too late for you anyway.

The kind of day where your car guy comes to get your car JUST to rotate the tires and then he comes back and says, "Well......" in THAT tone of voice.  And you tell him not to give you any bad news.  And he agrees not to and then proceeds to tell you that your brake pads are shot; totally shot.  As in they really need to be done NOW and that until they get done you really should re-consider any braking that you might need to do between now and then.

The kind of day where right after hearing that particularly lovely bit of news you realize that despite having gotten absolutely zero done in the work department today it is time to head off for that dental consult you have scheduled with the oral surgeon (the kind of day that, while editing you notice that you have typed the longest run on sentence EVER but decide to leave it, because in your weary brain, it makes total sense).  Whereupon you are told that yes, it most definitely IS scar tissue (as a result of your having a weird bite pattern and amazingly fat cheeks on the inside that enable you to keep biting the same spot over and over and OVER again) and not something cancerous but it should come out; the sooner the better.  To the tune of approximately $350 because, so sorry, they aren't in your healthcare network.

The kind of day where after refusing to have said dental/mouth work done because you simply can't think about adding on another bill at this point in your life you find yourself at the stop light in tears.

The kind of day where after a long, arduous day at real work you come home to find that you still have some side work that needs to be done.  And done now, because there is a deadline.  The kind of work you can't say "no" to because you so desperately need the extra cash.  The extra cash that unfortunately can't be earmarked for car repair or mouth repair because it is already earmarked for regular, every day bills.

Well that, my friends is the kind of day that I have had.

Which means, by my calculations, that it is currently time for a giant glass of wine, a hot bath and an early bedtime.  Hope you had a much better day, week, month, year.....whatever.


  1. Bless you! I've had those days, although mother nature abandoned me quite early and left me to deal with the devastating ravages of aging... early.

    Wishing you a better day tomorrow!

  2. Compared to your day, mine was a glowing success...let's try again tomorrow, Gigi. And I suggest the wine that comes in the large, box format with the little spiggot at the bottom.

  3. I'm glad you got THAT off your chest, Gigi. It's a pretty awful sounding day. All I had to contend with was crappy weather. I have, however, been that person crying at a stop light. I wish I could help, I really do. Please know that I care and am glad you let yourself rant. You made perfect sense here.

  4. Wow Gigi, I hope you had that wine!!!

    That is how my last three weeks have been. They cut me down to 4 days a week, then they load a humongous proposal on me, then edit it 4 times, then ask me why I havent yet completed X, Y, Z.

    And that mother nature is in fact a BITCH. She has been spreading her "love" around here lately too.

  5. I'm glad I didn't read this on the day it was written! Whew, what a day and the said "spiteful bitch" that won't go away is the reason you reacted to all that stuff the way you did. Blame it on her; why take ownership for it. By the way, aren't you a little young to think Aunt Flo is leaving you for good?