October 5, 2012

......and THAT'S how I found myself home alone on a Friday night

Remember back when we were young and the thought of sitting home on a Friday night was downright boring....if not terrifying?

Back then it meant (in your mind) that you weren't popular.  That you were a nobody.  That you were so insignificant, had nothing to do and nobody to do it with.

Funny how things change when you grow up and get a little wiser.

So tonight, I find myself home.  All alone.  Knowing that I'll be here all alone for the majority of the weekend.  And I'm okay with it.  Actually, I am positively reveling in it.

The most coveted spot in the living room? Mine!  The remote control?  Mine!  The whole bed?  Mine!  That last glass of wine?  Mine!

Technically, I wasn't supposed to be here this weekend.  Hubby's daughter is having a *significant* birthday today (did someone say 30?!).  Her friends are throwing her a surprise party tonight and I had agreed to attend.  (I know, I know....I even surprised myself on that one - but it IS a big moment and I figured I should be there and truly did want to be there for her).

The reason I am not there is kind of Hubby's fault.  He neglected to mention it to me before last weekend.  But once he told me about it I was completely on board.  I figured I would take Friday (today) and Monday off (so I wouldn't lose a whole weekend, not to mention I still have a boatload of days to take before the end of the year; YIKES!  How did that happen....AGAIN?).  This way we could easily drive the two hours up to scoop up Man-Child and then drive two hours in another direction to make it in time for the party without any pressure.

But come last Monday when I checked the vacation calender, I realized that my backup had already scheduled today and next Monday off.  And then I remembered that it had been on the calendar since June because she had a trip planned.  So I had to come home and tell Hubby it was a no go.

He tried and tried to convince me that it would still work.  That I could easily spend a day at work, then do a four hour drive and then party with a bunch of young'uns.

He must be remembering the younger me.  Because the me of today?  SHE can't handle all that.  The me of today fully expects to come home after a long day at work and slip into her pjs and call it a day.  The me of today does not want to be gallivanting all over the state after a long day (a very irritating kind of day at that - a day SO irritating that it could have it's own rant post).

The me of today would have needed today off just to get prepared to gallivant all over the state and party with people who are ten (*fingers crossed behind my back*) years younger.  (Truth be told, I'm not TOO far off the mark with my math.....remember, my husband IS a cradle robber - really!)

So here I am.  With the next two days stretching out before me.  Wondering what I will do to fill the empty hours.....

Oh who am I kidding?  I know EXACTLY what I'll be doing.

I'll be doing all that side work (that I have conveniently ignored tonight to catch up with all of you and type this post), clean the house, do the laundry, water the plants, etc., etc., etc.

But I will also enjoy that coveted spot in the living room, the remote, the bed, not having anyone snoring so obnoxiously loud at 3:00 am that it jars me out of my slumber (which may have been the start of this very long and irritating day) and the quiet.  Oh!  The quiet....how I will enjoy that!

Until Sunday afternoon when I start to get bored and lonely.  And then Hubby will come home; exhausted from gallivanting all over the state and partying with people who are 15 years (or more) than him.

And then I will be happy to have someone to talk to.....even if he is falling asleep in that coveted spot as I chatter on and on....

Now excuse me while I go have popcorn for (a very late) dinner.....

I have recently realized that my new phone doesn't "push" emails (i.e. your comments) through as quickly as the old one; so if I'm slow to respond please forgive me.  

Android....this does not make me happy.  Just sayin' you might want to rectify that....STAT.


  1. Enjoy your Friday AND the weekend... and the coveted spot, remote, quiet bed and the popcorn!

  2. Sounds my idea of bliss... I had the house to myself last Saturday night and it was absolutely heavenly!

  3. I spent Friday night at the grocery store, while Youngest was at cub scouts, it was AWESOME!

    I need to get out more, and by that I mean to places that I can't go in my yoga pants, that I have never once worn to Yoga.

  4. Sounds like the perfect way to start a weekend to me! So how was it? Did you love every second that the only sound in the house was your breathing?

  5. LOL Just a little jealous of your time alone!! I can't remember the last time I had one of those:)

  6. Home alone...no better gift. Being home alone in the afternoons has spoiled me rotten. I look at hubby like he's crazy when he comes home for lunch. The nerve!