October 29, 2012

Ssssh! Don't tell Hubby I turned the heat on.

As I am sitting here all snuggled up in as many layers as I could possibly put on and still be able to move; I am listening to the wind howling and it sounds like it may be taking off pieces of my roof.

This is our share of the Frankenstorm otherwise known as Sandy.  When I first heard the storm referred to as a Frankenstorm, I thought that had to be the most idiotic term I'd ever heard; and I've heard some doozies.  But then it clicked that with Halloween coming up and the storm.....it kind of makes sense, I suppose.  Although it still sounds stupid.

Fortunately, we are not in the direct path of the storm.  Unfortunately for our neighbors to the north they are probably getting pounded right about now.  We are keeping you in our thoughts and pray that it's not as bad as they say it's going to be.  All that is expected here is crazy wind, a little rain and for the temperature to drop.  And boy has the temperature dropped; it's practically freezing over here.

Of course, our neighbors to the north of us will laugh at my complaints because to the them 50 degrees is nothing.  But when you consider it was in the mid-70's on Friday and that I am a native Texan who is used to heat, more heat and then add in the humidity, then you can see why I am practically frostbitten over here, despite the fact I've lived here for about fifteen years.

Unfortunately for me, my husband hails from the northern climes and he proclaims this weather "invigorating."  I want to kill him every time he says that by the way.

He has proclaimed that there is no need to turn the heat on; that it "feels good in here!"  I seriously hate him right about now.

So I left him to his own devices downstairs (where he is learning to text - that is a story unto itself and best left for another day but in the meantime pray for him because surely I will kill him over the questions or the heat before it's all over) and hit the heat and crawled under the covers.

Unfortunately, we have some kind of stupid heating system that we can only raise ONE degree at a time.  Otherwise the thing goes into "emergency" mode and we then get a crazy electric bill.  So basically, I'm warming up one degree at a time.  It's going to take forever.

And then, once I'm all warm and asleep, Hubby will come upstairs and turn it back down to sub-zero temperatures and we will start this dance all over again.  Welcome to winter in Gigi's world.


  1. I always wondered what the emergecy mode did on the thermostat. Now I know, it takes my money. Chris turned the heat on here yesterday and a couple hours later I turned it off. It was 70 degrees outside but our house never warmed up. I like having a low bill for a couple of months.

  2. No heat here, we hardly ever turn it on, except in the mornings to take the chill off and usually that's in the dead of (Texas) winter. We can't sleep with it on, it stuffs us up like crazy. It's been pretty cool here for a few days. It's 57 right now, but has actually gotten colder a couple of times.

    How's MC doing with this storm? Hubby mentioned they were getting a lot of rain.

    Snuggle up and stay warm. Perhaps the polar bear can help!

  3. It's the same with us, Gigi, but fortunately we are both used to the cooler temperatures, rather than one being cold and the other not. We keep our apartment around 66-68 degrees and it feels good to both of us. Sorry! :-)

  4. The storm took a different path than expected, so by last night we had our windows open in the bedroom. 58 degrees felt fantastic. :) But honestly, I still haven't turned on the heat other than to test it.

    I am holding out til thanksgiving. :)

  5. I live in Canada, and girlfriend I have your back! You needed to turn the heat on:)