December 16, 2012

A mini technology related rant and my eye is fine, thanks for asking.

I am annoyed.  Actually, I am beyond annoyed.

I have spent the last two days having a battle of epic proportions with my phone and a certain email provider.  For some reason it has decided that I do not need that particular email account to work.  The one that is tied to my blog!  The phone has randomly told me that my login failed (which was odd, because I hadn't been trying to log in - since I'm ALWAYS logged in).  This in turn made me think that I should change my password.  So I did and I STILL can't get in.

After struggling with it again this morning, and going back and forth with Verizon on Twitter (major props to Verizon for answering my call for help.  Yahoo?  I'm pretty much sick of you - especially since you've ignored me) I gave up and went to the Verizon store.  The guy there was very helpful.  He informed me that Yahoo and Droids haven't been playing nicely lately.  Great.  He then loaded a Yahoo app and said that it would be fine.  But it's not.  The old icon is still there and occasionally throwing out random things like "login incorrect" "email failed to send" etc.  And the new app?  Well, damned if it won't notify me when I receive an email!  Oh sure, I can retrieve the emails manually but then what the hell is the point of having the so-called smart phone if it won't TELL me I have emails?  And? I can't find the settings for the application - they are hidden somewhere random - to see if there is something that needs to be checked off in order for it to work properly. *sigh*

I have tried repeatedly to delete the original account - in hopes that re-loading it would make it work again.  But it won't even let me do that.  So I'm seriously wondering about how hard it would be to come up with a new email account with a different, more customer friendly provider and somehow link it to my blog and other social media sites.  I'm getting a headache just thinking about it.

In other news, my eye is healing up nicely.  What?  You didn't know about the eye?  Well, I guess I'll have to rectify that....

So there I was, blissfully sleeping the sleep of the innocent.  Most likely dreaming of sugar plums and kittens.  When out of nowhere, an EXPLOSION of pain had me leaping from the bed, holding my face and screaming,


And crying hysterically.  Naturally, this had my husband leaping from the bed screaming,

"WHAT?! WHAT?!"  As he was shaking off sleep and trying to figure out what happened, I screamed at him,

"YOU HIT ME IN THE EYE!  WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU DREAMING ABOUT!"  (although, upon reflection, I think my language must have been FAR more colorful than that).

We stumbled around, sleep dazed, him trying to figure out what was going on and me trying to make the pain go away.  As the sleep-fog began to lift and he realized what he'd done, he was sick.

Apparently, in the throes of a dream, he'd lashed out.  Sure he'd done it before - without such wicked results - usually landing a smack on the back of my head; or once, even on my nose; but this time he'd REALLY done it.

He got an ice pack together and made me hold it to my face, all while holding me and repeating how sorry he was; how he didn't mean it.  Eventually, we both calmed down enough to get back into bed.  Me with an ice pack on my face (which is really conducive to putting you to sleep....not) and him petting my head, as he is wont to do.  Finally, once I took the ice pack off - since my face was quite numb at this point, he declared that he couldn't sleep in our bed.  He was terrified that he might lash out again.

So he took his pillows and went to the guest room.  He banished himself.

This happened Monday night.  He still refuses to sleep in our room; despite the fact that the guest bed is too hard and too small for him.  He claims that he can't come back into our room until he can be sure he won't lash out again; how he will know when he is SURE is beyond me.  I figure it will be when he can't stand sleeping on that bed anymore.

Tuesday morning he told me, "I can't even look at you without feeling like such a shit.  I'm so sorry."  He then proceeded to call me several times during the day to make sure I was okay and then made one of my favorites for dinner.  All while telling me that he was so sorry and that it was an accident.

Luckily, I didn't have a full on black eye.  Just a little swelling and some broken blood vessels, which made the eye look much worse than it actually was, but really, I'm okay.  I can even wear my contacts - which surprised me.  In fact, as of today, a majority of the swelling and redness has receded.

And though I am okay, and totally against him sleeping in the guest room I have to admit.....I've had the BEST nights sleep these past couple of nights.  No one to steal the covers.  No one snoring.  No one subconsciously smacking me in the face while I's been great.

So maybe, just maybe, I won't insist that he sleep where he belongs.  I'll just continue to let him punish himself, while I reap the reward of pure, relaxing sleep for a few more days.


  1. Oh my gosh, I TOTALLY know what you're talking about! Chris travels frequently and I always smile knowing that I will be getting a good night's sleep while he is gone. I don't even have to sleep as many hours because my sleep is so much sounder and I get more restful sleep.

    Sorry to hear about your eye though. Ouch! (Good thing hubs is sorry!)

    The email app thing- I'm of no help for that. Sorry.

  2. I hate when Tony's not sleeping beside me at night. But at 6am, when he gets up... I roll over engulf myself in pillows and blankets and enjoy the best hour's sleep of the night, blissfully.

    I sleepwalk when I am stressed. Sadly, this seems inherited as Oldest started last year and youngest this year. Tony sleeps through everything, so I have no idea who'll be waking us up...

  3. Daughter was having some issues with Yahoo and her Droid, too.

    I probably mentioned before what that (night fighting) can be a symptom of, so I won't mention it again. Glad you're okay!

    Hubby is a shift worker and I usually sleep better when he isn't in the bed. He's retiring in February and I just might have to change rooms, if I ever plan to get any sleep.

  4. I have a solution to your bed problem, maybe. Hubby and I solved ours by having TWO sets of sheets and blankets on the bed, so when either of us moves it doesn't impact the other. If you did this and didn't tuck them in, you could make him sleep with his head next to your feet instead of your face. Then you could sleep in the same bed but in different directions. We implemented the first of these and sometimes when he's snoring I'll turn myself over in the other direction to get out of the line of fire, so to speak. I only do that occasionally. :-)