December 17, 2012


I received an honest to goodness old fashioned letter today; THREE pages long!

Needless to say, seeing that handwritten envelope lying among the junk mail and the bills made me smile.  Oh sure, there were a few Christmas cards thrown in the mix, but in addition to the cheer that those cards bring; they also have the air of "just another Christmas chore to complete" about them - but that letter stood out, a true beacon of "I'm thinking of you and taking the time to let you know."

Now granted, the letter itself contained some distressing and sad news, as the sender informed me that she is having a difficult time of late - but it still cheered me in a small way.  Mainly, because I don't receive letters very often these days.

In the letter, the sender reminded me that when I was young we used to exchange letters on a very regular basis.  She is trying very hard to instill this in her young grandchild - but it hasn't taken.  I think, mainly, because her grandchild is so young.

But that line in her letter brought back so many vivid memories.  I LOVED receiving mail when I was small.  I would write to everyone I could think of - and my mother indulged me by sending them every single time (I had forgotten this and am glad to have that memory of her).  And while some would write back occasionally, she ALWAYS wrote back. Every single time.

I think because of her, that is where I developed my obsession with stationery.  I love to have beautiful stationery - even though I don't write so many letters these days, what with email and all (which is a wonderful thing, don't get me wrong.  But a letter?  Oh, that is SO much better).

But I have a feeling that she and I are about to re-kindle our letter writing.  It really is becoming a lost art; along with cursive writing; both of which should definitely be preserved (not to mention, saving the postal service, which is in dire straits).

And you know, there is nothing like the feeling of seeing that handwritten letter piled amongst all the other detritus the post office delivers.  The anticipation of what is inside.  It's a delicious feeling, actually.  One in which you want to cut your husband's rant short and sneak off to a private place to read, and savor, it.  (Which is actually what I did as quickly as I could without being totally rude)

So what about you - when was the last time you sent, or received, an actual letter?  Do you miss them as much as I do?

And that letter?  Sad news and all, it is going into the keepsake box, as a testament to simpler times.


  1. I used to be a letter writer and enjoyed it so much. I still have letters from my Grandmother, Great Aunts, etc and I cherish having them!

  2. I wrote a handwritten card not long ago and realized that my handwriting was stiff and unfamiliar from disuse. Perhaps it would be a good idea to spend some time writing every day, and what better way that a letter? I hope your friend has revived your letter writing. I have a drawer filled with handwritten letters I've kept over the years. :-)

  3. when I was younger, I used to write letters all the my friend who lived a few houses down the street, there is nothing like receiving a letter!!
    My sister and I would create fictitious people, and write letters to each other pretending to be them.

  4. I send letters often. And I just mailed out a bunch of Christmas cards as well. I love getting them too.

  5. I don't do Christmas cards because I don't need something else on my To-Do list. Seriously. But my boys do write their aunt as often as I can remember and they LOVE when they get a letter in return. I, of course, was a big letter writer in my younger days. Not surprising at all, is it? Ha.

  6. Letters really are becoming a lost art! I can't remember the last time I received one!

  7. Funny -- I just wrote about this, too!

    It's strange, when you think about it, how many people we communicate with these days whose handwriting is a mystery to us, and yet in previous decades we knew our friends, our relatives, by their "hand". I suppose that sort of thing has gone the way of having once had dozens and dozens of phone numbers memorized...


  8. Letters are great - my eldest did use to write letters to my friend's son but that has petered out and with the dawn of her xmas present (notebook) I can see emails appearing instead! I have many letters in my treasure box too including letters and postcards from my dear beloved mum.

    As I probaly won't pop on again before Xmas - have a great time with all the family.

    BNM xx