December 4, 2012

"Someone" misses his mom.... (not his dad though, because he's no fun)

Man-Child actually misses his mom parents enough to ask us to come up to visit for the day.

(And we all, collectively say.... "AWWWW, what a good boy!"  Why thank you!  Yes, I think I'll keep him for the time being...despite the fact that he does "text spelling," which he claims he DOESN'T do.....despite evidence to the contrary; even though I taught him better....)


Which results in a YES! from mom the parents ("if the weather is good" so says the dad) .

Which then results in this.....

Says the mom who got up WAY to early this early that she is amazed that she was even able to get this post set up.

BTW (oh dear I'M doing it!  Surely it's a result of not enough sleep....right?!) this post legible?


  1. Legible and so sweet! You done good Gigi. :)

  2. Ha! I am now a texter too, thanks to my new iPhone. I am also using Siri, who would have guess? :-)

  3. Yip. Legible. Although, I can't believe I am still awake and that it's coherent to me...

  4. Yup, I understood the post just fine. That's awesome that he misses you guys!


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