December 8, 2012

Only 17 more days.....REALLY?!?!

After a very long day of rising early to drive two hours up to the mountains to visit Man-Child (only to discover that he will be home this Wednesday, which made me wonder why we were up there in the first place) doing the tourist thing up there, having lunch, then dropping him back at his dorm in the guise of heading home and then rushing over to a local store to scoop up some college-themed apparel (for a Christmas present) before driving the long two hours back down the mountain, I came home and settled in for some blog reading.  (If THAT doesn't win the longest sentence ever prize, I don't know what will!)

Only to be presented with the information that Christmas is exactly 17 days away.  SEVENTEEN!

How this is possible, I do not know since I have it on good authority that it was just recently July.

Actually, up until I read that I was feeling kind of smug.  I was feeling that I was ahead of the curve.  I had bought a few presents.  The tree is up - not decorated - but it's up.  Sitting there waiting patiently to be decorated and adorned.

Now?  Presented with this new information (and really, at this point it's only SIXTEEN days away since, in my mind, it is far too late to do anything about it tonight) I am faced with the reality that I am much, much, much further behind than I ever imagined.

Something tells me that tomorrow is going to be far more manic than the quiet day I was planning.

It's time to turn on the Christmas tunes - to set the mood - and let the decorating and gift buying begin.   It's time to set aside all those little projects and focus on the Big Day.

But, I gotta tell you, it's kind of hard to do when the weather here has been mild enough to make you think of Spring.  Today, in the mountains, it was almost 70 degrees!  I'd rather turn my thoughts to warm weather pursuits.  But I won't.  It will take extreme focus but somehow I will pull it off - I always do.

And I have to admit, this year?  The thought of Christmas isn't as depressing as it has been for the last two.  Oh sure, things still aren't where they should be - but that little ray of hope is there, shining brightly, and spurring me forward.  And now that I've talked myself into getting into the swing of things (via writing this post) I know I will be able to pull it all together, just in time.  But next year?  Next year I WILL be ready.....I hope.

How about you?  Are you ahead of the game or like me, woefully behind? (Please tell me you are behind, I don't want to be the only disorganized one)


  1. You're way ahead of me... I've done nothing, as in absolutely nothing.

  2. Our Christmas celebration is quiet and mellow, just the two of us. I buy gifts for the neighbors who need something, otherwise it's all done. Hope you make it within the time frame ahead, Gigi! :-)

  3. This is the first year we are way ahead. So far ahead in fact that I told the work people that I was DONE shopping for the DCF families and that if any more money came in the other girl would have to do it. I seriously just want to enjoy the season this year...

    But never fear, we are hosting Christmas eve, and I have no idea where we are putting 21 people or what we will be feeding them.

    Oh, and did I mention I am working Christmas eve so we are depending on the 18, 12, and 10 year olds to keep the house clean and acceptable until we get home?

    (Do you feel better now?)

  4. We JUST finished decorating our tree. Haven't done anything else yet. I'm afraid that the next two weeks are going to be total chaos.