December 27, 2012

The Endless Vacation.....

I have been on vacation since the 19th.  And I don't go back until the 2nd.

Considering this you would think I would have been a *bit* more productive of late.  Seeing as the house looks like a dusty, clutter bomb went off, it is obvious that I haven't been very productive.

So what have I been doing, other than avoiding any and all housekeeping duties?

Well, after the Christmas morning extravaganza, Man-Child and I decided to go to the movies.  Since our traditions have veered off course, we decided to do something different.  Hubby went searching for an open Starbucks, store or anything (just to get out of the house, because God forbid should he enter a movie theater) and we headed off to the theater; figuring no one would be there because surely everyone else had plans....silly us.  The place was PACKED.  They actually had people with tickets for various movies roped off in groups until the theaters were "ready" (smart Hubby).  Apparently, everyone else in town needed to get out of the house too.

Our initial plan to see Parental Guidance.  This hope was quickly dashed since the show was sold out.  We settled for our second choice, Guilt Trip.  It was cute.  I thought it could have been funnier - but it was a fun outing.  Immediately after watching it, I looked at Man-Child and told him that we need to take a road trip.  He sighed.  But I could tell that he was interested.  It would be fun.

And we have made plans to see Parental Guidance before he goes back to school.

The day after Christmas dawned....well, not really.  It was POURING.  And continued to pour for the rest of the morning.  I had planned on tackling the dusty, clutter-bombed house until a brilliant idea occurred to me.  With the weather being as nasty as it was, I figured no one else would be out and about returning stuff/searching for deals.

I happy to report, I was correct.  No one was out and about.  So I was able to return the drill - with a *gasp* CORD that I had bought for Hubby (I mean, really, I was shocked to discover that they still sell drills with cords; aren't they ALL battery operated now?) and the pants that were far too big for him (he was pleased with that discovery though) without standing in any lines.  I didn't snag any deals though.  But I DID get soaking wet.

I've also spent some time reading, of course.  While showing Hubby around MC's school during a visit recently, I spotted a box in the book store that said "FREE BOOKS" and snagged a couple - well, if the truth be told, Hubby had to restrain me from just taking the whole box...  It turns out that these were advance copies, so the store had to give them away.  I have informed MC that he must check the store daily for me.  One of the books I snagged was Wise Young Fools by Sean Beaudoin.  It's technically considered Young Adult Literature, but I've got to say this was a very well written book - even for the ancient, like me.  This book is slated for publication in August 2013.  I read it in under two days.  So if you are looking for an easy read that sucks you in, this book might be for you.

I've also had a conversation with MC, totally NOT initiated by me, that found me hearing, "I'm SO glad you sent me to XYZ school. I have a feeling if I'd gone to ABC school, I wouldn't be so prepared for college."  And....wait for it......

"You and Dad are great parents."

I almost wrecked the car due to the tears that were overwhelming me.

This kid is AMAZING (how we got so lucky, I'll never know).  And I told him so.  He has no idea, I hope, how hard it was for us to keep him in that school - particularly with the extended unemployment.  To know that he appreciates it?  Priceless.

Today found me scouring a local shopping center - desperate to spend a gift card.  Can you believe I actually walked out without spending a dime?  Well, it's true.  Apparently, all the buyers at every store I visited, have NO taste whatsoever.  Or, they don't have MY taste.  Same thing.  Even at the shoe store!  There was nothing that caught my eye.  I was sorely disappointed.

Tomorrow is calling for more gray/rainy weather and I have resolved to do something about this house.  I even made a list!  But if the feeling of inertia that has overtaken me this evening is any indication, I have a feeling I might blow that list off...again.

But then, what is vacation for if not to blow off housework and/or those projects that I'd planned?


  1. Vacations aren't meant for work! None of that dust, or other stuff, will go anywhere... trust me.

    Kudos for raising a son that shows some appreciation and knows how to touch your heart.

  2. MC is evidently showing his appreciation now that he's away from home and realizing that his life is not the norm. What a great Christmas present THAT was. And you made me think about how you are dealing with the rain and why it doesn't affect me that much: we are prepared for it here, I have five different kinds of raincoats for different activities, an umbrella, and it doesn't get all that cold, usually. Makes a huge difference for me! But even I am ready for a break from the constant downpour. :-)

  3. The fact that you and MC went to a movie together touched my heart, but his comment about you all being good parents nearly tore it apart. I LOVE MC! Gigi, you really did a good job raising him - oh yea, your hubby too. MC made the statement of the year and I think the two of you on a road trip together would be the MOVIE OF THE YEAR! I'm laughing just thinking about it and some of the things you would later blog about. Too funny!