August 24, 2013

And let's just put this in the "Gigi was right" column; which according to my calculations means I'm winning.

As you guys have heard, we've had issues with our lawn mower...yes, I can hear you all yelling "WE KNOW!  Move past the whole lawn mower issue already!!"  And hopefully I will - after this post.

At one point we were told it was dead, kaput, gone.  By someone, who is very qualified in other areas, but maybe not so much in the area of small engines.

Considering that it is only about six years old, I begged Hubby to have someone else look at it - someone with experience at small engine repairs - because holy cow!  We paid a lot of money for that lawn mower; it damn well better last longer than six years!.  He resisted.  He was convinced that no one would make a house call.  He was convinced it was, in fact, dead.

But finally he capitulated (i.e, he got tired of hearing me tell him to call someone else).  He called a guy he found on Craig's List.  The guy came out, looked it over and announced that he thought he could fix it.  He loaded it up on his trailer and drove away; at which point Hubby's paranoia began to set in.  Quietly.

The next day, he called Hubby and told him that he could fix it for $50.  Which, after paying someone else - someone who wasn't qualified to work on small engines - who informed us that is WAS dead, seemed miraculous to us.  In Hubby's eyes, it was almost too good to be true.

A couple more days went by and Hubby called the man for an update - only to receive a "This number has been disconnected" recording.  And that was it; the quiet paranoia became full blown.  He was convinced that we had been scammed.  CERTAIN, that we'd never see the mower again.  (And, honestly, are any of us really surprised?  This is the same man that is convinced that each and every one of YOU are ax-murderers looking to kill us in our sleep...because "you know how those internet people can be.")

I encouraged him to try the number one more time - just in case.  And it went through.  The guy said he was waiting on one part but figured he could have the mower back to us last night.  Still Hubby was skeptical.  When the guy called and the connection was lost, Hubby's suspicious nature ratcheted up another notch, if that is even possible.  Despite me telling him that there had been cell tower "issues" in our area.  Eventually, he was able to leave a message telling the guy to call our land line - our dusty, unused land line.  Actually, it's a miracle either one of us even remember the number.  Actually, I'm surprised to discover that we still have - and are paying for - a land line.  Hmm, maybe it does have its uses - besides taking messages from random solicitors - after all.

Lo and behold, the guy called.  Said he'd be here in ten minutes.  And miracle of miracles, he was.  AND the mower was repaired.  And even Hubby had to admit that there are still some good people out in the world.  And?  Even more important - he had to admit that I was right!  Do you know how huge that is?  It's GIGANTIC.  Truly, this man should listen to me more.  Did I not tell him he needed a second opinion?  Yes.  Did I not tell him that not every person on the internet is out to "get" you in some way?  Yes.

So.  Does this mean the beginning of a new era?  One where he looks to me and says, "Oh my dearest darling, what do YOU think I should do?"

Sadly, no.  I don't think it is the dawn of a new era - because it's hard to teach an old dog new tricks.  But, I do get the satisfaction of knowing I was right.  And sometimes, that is enough.


  1. Being right is EVERYTHING. E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. Congrats.

  2. My old dog IS learning new tricks... me being right is one of them!

    Glad you finally convinced him. $50 bucks is way cheaper than a new mower, even if he had to sweat a little bit!

  3. I am always right. Even when I'm mistaken.

    That is all. :)

  4. I just love it when I am right. Personally, I want more lawn mower posts.