August 10, 2013

Really Hubby? People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones...just sayin'

Last night as I was drifting off to sleep I composed a post.  I thought about sitting up and writing down the gist of it; at the very least.  And then I didn't.  And now, it's just "dust in the wind" to quote a band that, apparently, had bigger hair than I am currently sporting, thanks to the unnatural amount of rain and humidity that we've been experiencing this summer.

I think it may have had something to do with anorexia (because of some very disturbing things I found via the world wide web yesterday while patrolling the 'Net for trademark infringement/counterfeit, i.e., only part of my job - which let the Work Me just interject here - C'mon people, trademark infringement/counterfeit is NOT cool.  Stop it already; I have better things to do than chase you around the the rest of my job!  Also not cool?  Promoting anorexia via social media.  I literally cried when I came across these sites - the pictures!  Nothing but skin and bones.) OR it may have had something to do with the fact that my husband seems to hate my pajamas.

One or the other.

For now, I'm going with the pajamas.  I get it.  They aren't "sexy."  But guess what?  They are COMFY.  Yes, comfy enough to warrant all caps.

In less than a week, Hubby has commented on my choice of nightwear.  He has even asked me if I wanted him to buy me some new pajamas.  No, I do not.

While this ensemble that I am sporting might not be something I wish to be seen in public in, I am perfectly happy to sport this look around those that I love the most.  The cotton is soft.  The elastic in the waistband is stretched just enough so there is no binding.  In sum, these pajamas are perfect.  And those that I love the most better get used to it.  Because, dammit, after a long, hard, grueling day of staring at a monitor, with my fingers flying across a keyboard - while sporting something stylish and uncomfortable, I deserve to relax in something loose, soft and comfy.

So, in addition to the million other things that I have planned for tomorrow (back-to-college-shopping, packing, creating a "marketing packet" for the soon-to-be-up-for-sale house, cleaning, laundry, etc.), I will also be shopping for my next pair of COMFY pajamas...just to get my husband off my back.

And really?  Who is HE to judge?  Since, according to what comes across in the laundry every week, seems to be the same six t-shirts over and over again.


  1. Ha! Yes, you definitely deserve to lounge in comfy clothes. You made me smile, just to think of you dressed appropriately like this. :-)

  2. You definitely deserve to lounge in comfy pj's at home! If anyone tells you otherwise you send 'em my way. I'll set them straight. :)

  3. You'd laugh hysterically at my pjs tonight... it's my swim suit coverall. Nothing but a terry towel wrap with straps.

    Tell hubby that the more worn/comfy they are the easier they are to rip off in a fit of passion. :)

  4. Why is it that comfy and attractive rarely come together? I choose comfy for all my clothes, not just the ones I sleep in and not a single one of them is anywhere near sexy, or attractive.

  5. Or you could sleep nude instead! You'll be comfy, and he'll be happy!