August 21, 2013

Paying it forward (aka...Mike? My co-workers LOVE you!)

As I've mentioned previously, our lawn mower died...again.

And, this led to Hubby thinking he could actually use a push mower on this lawn - which, as you know, led to disastrous results (which I could have sworn I told you about - but, according to my search through the archives, haven't.  Long story short - Hubby spent three days trying to push mow the acre or so of our "lawn," if that's what you want to call this field of weeds we have.  In the end, we had to call the paramedics because he had, what turned out to be, a wicked allergy attack and not the heart attack, that I was convinced he was having.  He's fine now, thank God.  And that ended his"brilliant" notion that he can push mow our so-called "lawn").

At any rate, dear Mike has been sneaking over to mow our lawn.  At least three times that we can figure.  This is in addition to the LAST time our mower died he came over, unasked, to mow.  And yes, I said sneaking.

Today, I caught him.  And seriously could have thrown my arms around him and kissed his cheek.

As I was pulling into the driveway this evening, I passed him, waved without thinking about it and got out of the car.  And only then did I realize, he wasn't mowing HIS yard, he was mowing OURS.  Again! And, by the looks of it, had just started.

So I did what any rational, kind human being would do.  I immediately went inside, yelled to Hubby that Mike was mowing our grass AGAIN, and began to make cookies.  Without even changing out of my work clothes.  Do you realize how huge that is?

Right about the time he was finishing up, and Hubby had snared him with his wonderful banter, I came outside bearing a plate of cookies with his name on it.  We chatted for a bit and I told him how we appreciated his help.  He is truly an angel.

We tried to invite them to dinner this weekend - but he put us off.  You can bet that we will keep trying.

Now, why do my co-workers love Mike?  Because my recipe for chocolate chip cookies (which in this instance turned out to be white chocolate chip cookies because my regular chocolate chip supply had been depleted thanks to Man-Child being home for the summer!) makes an insane amount of cookies.  And knowing that it is only Mike and his wife in their home, I only sent them a dozen.  The rest was given to the co-workers...thus "paying it forward."

And, I can attest, considering the way they scarfed the remaining 2 1/2 - 3 dozen cookies up, they love Mike.  As do I.

And?  It has been confirmed that white chocolate chips do not deter from the whole "chocolate chip cookie" case you were wondering.


  1. I need a Mike living next door to me! And a Gigi too of course (cookies not necessary).

  2. Holy moly, Gigi! You made cookies in your work clothes?!!


    I DO know how big a deal that is!


  3. Hose, fancy shoes and all? I'm impressed!

  4. Love it. I also mow the neighbor's lawn. She's only here on the weekends and I know how busy she is with her "main" house.

    Plus she has allergies so bad she has to wear a mask... honestly, it only takes me 30 minutes to do and I get the enjoyment of seeing it all neat and clean. Win, win.

    And if I'm home on a snow day, I shovel paths/driveways so the neighbors can get home from work. It's that kind of stuff that keeps our neighborhood tight and why so many of us have not moved.

  5. What a great guy! And you sure made me laugh, picturing you whipping those cookies up so fast. You do indeed have a wonderful neighbor and he is a real gem. :-)

  6. Yeah to paying it forward and for Mike mowing the lawn. Can you wrap him up and send him over here?