August 18, 2013

And once again, silence falls

The past two days have been a whirlwind of activity around here.  Friday found me "helping" my son pack to go back to school.  Yes, he waited until the day before he had to leave to even begin.  Are any of us surprised?

And further, are any of us surprised that I freaked out when I opened his closet and abandoned the thought of packing when I saw what a rat's nest he had in there?  We had to stop mid-packing so that he could decide what he wanted to keep and what was going to Goodwill.  In the end we had three packed, solid trash bags and an overflowing hamper that was shuttled off before we could get back to the business of packing for school.

Despite the fact that he waited till the last minute it went fairly quickly as he knew exactly what he wanted to take.  Last year, as he wasn't sure he packed a lot more.  This time we had it down to two tote boxes, a hamper, his giant duffle bag, bookbag and computer.

Saturday began before the sun even came up, as we had planned to be there as soon as check-in opened up.  At this school, freshman all check in the day before everyone else.  Despite that, last year move in seemed chaotic to me; so I surmised that this year would be even more chaotic since we would be checking in with everyone else.  It actually wasn't too bad.  But that might be because this year his dorm room is next to the stadium.  And, more importantly, the stadium parking lot.  Last year his dorm was on the other end of campus and had a parking lot that only boasted about 15 slots.  Four were designated handicapped parking, while another four were reserved for the RA's.

At any rate, he's back at school.  Settled in and happy.  And I'm back at home listening to the quiet.

Last year I was so very anxious and worried.  Would he like it up there?  Would he be happy?  Would he fit in?  Would he eat properly?  Take care of himself?  Get into trouble?  You know, all the standard "mom stuff."

This year I know that he is happy there.  That he's made friends.  That he eats well.  So this year, my anxiety was pretty much nonexistent.  Although, I must admit, after having him home all summer, it's still pretty strange to have to get used to the quiet all over again.


  1. Wow, year 2 already. How does this keep happening Gigi? I just don't understand the passage of time.

    I start school on Friday and the boys start next Tuesday. I have felt a strong magnetic pull with my couch all day and have accomplished nothing on my To-Do list. Resistance is futile, but I'm still trying.

  2. Oh yes, that quiet would be so strange. I would like it, don't get me wrong, but it would also feel weird.

  3. By next year this will be a piece of cake!

  4. Wow, I can't believe this is year 2. Enjoy the peace and quiet x

  5. I think this year you will enjoy the peace and quiet more, because it's no longer the unknown. And he's happy and doing what he needs to do. I laughed at the closet and again had a flash of the comic strip "Zits" in mind. Does MC have feet that big? :-)

  6. Getting used to the quiet around here again too. Sigh. Oh, and mine is a junior and did not secure any housing before he left, so he is up there looking for some now, sleeping on living room floors. So, yeah, there's a little Mama anxiety here.

  7. Tony took the kids to the mall the other night. I had 3 hours to myself. It was great until the 3rd hour when I had no one asking me for things, no more socks to pick up, and no one spilling anything.

    I can't imagine 24 hours on end.