February 21, 2017

The Blessings....a book review

Apparently, I'm on a hot streak when it comes to selecting something new to read.

After my last review - where I re-read yet ANOTHER book by accident, I tweeted about the lack of fresh reading material being available in my home.

Being a woman of my word, I headed straight to Barnes & Noble on Sunday and picked up three new books.  I should have picked up a couple of more as I found myself drawn into The Blessings by Elise Juska, so much so that I read it one sitting!

This is a tale of family.  And how the events and circumstances within our extended family shape the people within it.

From the front cover,

"When John Blessing dies, leaving behind two small children, the loss reverberates across his extended family for years to come.  His young widow, Lauren, finds solace in her large clan of in-laws, while his brother's wife, Kate, pursues motherhood even at the expense of her marriage....and nephew Alex a gifted student travels to Spain and considers the world beyond his family's Northeast Philadelphia neighborhood.  Through departures and arrivals, weddings and reunions THE BLESSINGS reveals the struggles beneath the surface of a close-knit Irish-Catholic family and the rituals that unite them...."

This story reminds us that family is everything - most of the time.  The traditions of family are comforting and constant.

I absolutely loved this book and would definitely recommend it.

I've now started my second book, which is by Lisa Scottoline - she is always a good read so don't be surprised if another book review pops up soon.  I love it when I hit on a string of good books!

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  1. I'm sure I read that book a while back, but I'll take a look at it on line and snag it from the library. Thanks, Gigi. :-)