February 4, 2017

Why I will (probably) never host a brunch again...

As I mentioned in the past two posts, I'm hosting a baby brunch tomorrow.

Here's the thing, I LOVE brunch.  But prepping for one?  Not so much.  Now granted The Husband will be doing most of the heavy lifting.  His contribution includes breakfast casseroles and fritattas...they will be delicious.  Although Man-Child was aghast when he learned that his father would be cooking and then be expelled.  The child has yet to realize that there are times when men are excluded - not always, of course, but occasionally.

And although The Husband is doing the majority of the heavy lifting, I was left with the rest of it.

The cleaning (done).  The shopping (done).  The baking of the coffee cake and the lemon poppy seed muffins (done).  The making of the deviled eggs (done).  The decorating (semi-done).  The ordering of the gift (done); the wrapping of the gift (NOT done - just realized I'm out of wrapping paper!! - which means I have an early trip to the store tomorrow).  And now, at a mere 6:30 pm, I am exhausted; which is a good thing since I need to get up SO very early tomorrow.

The problem with a brunch is that it happens fairly early in the day.  Which gives you less time to work with.  I purposely scheduled this brunch for a Sunday so I'd have an extra day to prepare without having to take time off from work.  Lesson learned?  Next time I (IF I ever again) have a brunch, I'll be sure to build in at least two days off prior to the brunch.

Left off the list of To-Do's that have been abandoned?  At least six to seven To-Do's that have been deemed as unnecessary due to the time constraints.

Will all this complaining diminish my pleasure from enjoying the brunch and the guest of honor's pleasure?  Not one single bit.

These life events are meant to be enjoyed - even if there is a bit of work involved.

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  1. I hope you post about how it all goes. I'm glad to know you're almost at the finish line! :-)