February 15, 2017

Slowly losing my mind at work and an unexpected trip home...

OMG!!  When I say it has been dead at the office, I am not even kidding.  It's reached ridiculous proportions.  Take yesterday, for example...I got to work, logged on to the computer to check my email.  Hmmm, I had three new emails.  Two were "junk" emails - industry newsletters that I never read and one from my personal email sent to remind me that I needed to pick up dish washing detergent.  As I was busy deleting the industry newsletters one new email popped up that was work related.  Then I did not receive another email until well after lunch.

Things got so boring that I popped into visit with my co-worker.  She was struggling with a PowerPoint...which was her son's homework.  PowerPoint is not really her strong suit - so I offered to do it - which is how I found myself doing her son's homework.  Now granted, he had typed most of the text so all I had to do was pretty it up a bit...unfortunately, that didn't take too long.

Today was another snoozer.  Days like this make me absolutely crazy - because I continue to think of ways I could be productive...if I weren't at work.  Ah well, hopefully this lull will pass quickly and I need to remind myself - if the Legal Department isn't busy that's good for business...right?

As a quick aside - I am getting to take a trip for work.  I need to get some training for the system we use to pay outside counsel, so basically I am handling all the billing for our department.  Yes, I said billing.  The woman who was handling our billing decided to take another job within in the company and billing was dumped on me.  ME - the woman who can't even balance her checking statement.  The woman who once screwed up our bank balance so badly that The Husband was ready to close the account and start over.  THIS is the person they decided should be in charge of paying the bills?!  The person who left was tasked with training me.  Let's just say she was a very poor trainer.

So while I haven't COMPLETELY screwed it all up...yet; I've been winging it - which as we all know when it comes to bills isn't a very good idea.  So when this opportunity came up to attend this training I jumped.

Particularly since the training is to be held in Austin - a mere two hours away from Houston.  And this training ends on a Friday afternoon.

So I asked if I could tack on a vacation day and spend a quick three day weekend at home and it was granted.  Oh happy day!

The last time I was home was two years ago and was a very sad occasion.  I can't believe it's already been two years since he passed.

I had expected that my next trip home would give me more time to visit, do and see.  Since I will only have three days, I expect that I'll keep this trip simple and quiet since so many of the people I want to see live so very far from where I will be staying.  I'm mulling over whether or not I should ask my brother to meet me halfway to Houston.  I'm still very irritated with him from our last encounter - which after searching my archives, I find that I didn't tell you about.  Let's just put it this way - during the election he was sharing things on FaceBook that were VERY offensive.  I finally called him out on it in a private text message and it wasn't pretty; but apparently effective as he has been just a teensy bit more reserved in what he shares publicly.

So yeah, there's that bit of tension.  But, he still has a large majority of my mom's albums, which  I've talked about here and here.  So basically, he is sitting on a virtual gold mine and I could potentially get some of that there "gold" and have it shipped home - since it is apparent that he is not going to get off his keister to ship them like he promised two years ago.

The jury's still out on this one but I have about a month before I have to make up my mind on that, so we shall see.


This post was originally going to be titled Random Nonsense...because I had so many little things rattling around that seemingly weren't post-worthy on their own.  And then I sat down to write it and found that I had more to say on this particular subject than I first thought.  Just goes to show, sometimes you have more to say than you think.  Something I definitely need to remember for future posts.

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  1. I sure hope you get to that meeting and get things straightened out, Gigi. They don't know what a good thing they've got going with you. Hope they find out. :-)