December 9, 2017

First snow of the season!

Here in North Carolina we are experiencing our first snow of the's definitely early for around here.

After the harrowing ride home yesterday - no; not due to slippery conditions but more to do with overly cautious drivers (which isn't a bad thing, really) - which took me well over an hour and a half, I was pretty much done with matter how pretty it is...and it IS pretty, I'll give you that...

My yard this morning

Then I saw on the news that it was snowing in Houston (what?!)  I immediately texted my oldest and dearest friend.  She confirmed, they had snow.  She even sent pictorial proof...

Seriously?!  This is a LOT of snow for Texas!

I assume hell must have frozen over. And dusted the palm trees.

Then we chatted about the improbability of us both having snow at the same time.

I remember the first time I actually saw it snowing after we moved here.  I was SO very excited.  Having come from Texas, this was a dream come true.  Dragging my New York born husband from the shower, I exclaimed over how pretty it was - he, soaking wet, wasn't as enthusiastic as I.

But today, as the snow continued to come down, I grumbled a little, "I've got far to much to do for this inconvenience..." but deep down inside, I marveled at how the world looked like a snow globe.  And realized, I have reached that point where I can still revel in the beauty and at the same time carp about the inconvenience.

But's awfully pretty.

And, with any luck, the sun will come out tomorrow and the streets will be clear.

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  1. I remember once when I lived in Ft. Worth when it snowed and how pretty it was. Then I moved to Colorado and it became really ho-hum. It was impossible not to enjoy its beauty, at least early in the season. :-)