December 16, 2017

From our home to yours...Merry Christmas.

My friend, DJan, shared a sweet card with her followers and is the inspiration behind this post.  Thanks, DJan!

I've sent out a ridiculous number of Christmas cards for years - until The Husband was laid off several years ago.  That put an end to that practice fairly quickly.  Having just one income makes you re-think your priorities.  Once he found another job after a couple of years and I felt a little more stable, I was ready to start sending cards again - but this time I culled that list down; WAY down.

Also, back in the day, I would make a point of having a picture taken of us or just Man-Child to either include in the card or to be the card.  Then, all of a sudden, one day Man-Child grew up and never seemed to be around anymore for picture taking.  So I would spend hours (or so it seemed) trying to find the perfect card to send to those nearest and dearest.

This year, inspiration struck after an extra early snowfall.  And after creating the card, having CVS print them, stuffing envelopes, etc.  I went back and made one especially for you.

Yes, this is our house.  On the back reads like this post's title.
Whether you celebrate Christmas or another holiday - I wish you nothing but peace, joy and love in this season.


  1. Oh, thank you, Gigi, for the wonderful card and shout-out. Christmas and the solstice is actually my favorite time of the year! :-)

  2. Wow ... beautiful photo! Send some of that snow down here, would you? We would love to have a white Christmas!

  3. Merry belated Christmas, Gigi! I just looked at my spam folder. I never look at my spam. My alerts that you have posted something have been going to spam. Grrr. I have some catching up to do! Love the picture. Thanks for sharing!