December 6, 2017

I'm almost ready to give it all up and go live off the grid...almost.

Earlier this week, The Husband asked me about a charge on our bank statement.  I had absolutely no idea what that charge could be and told him so.

It appears the company is legit and is some kind of magazine/subscription service - the catch is, we don't receive any magazines or subscriptions.  Apparently, we've been dinged for $30 every month since February...obviously, we need to keep a closer eye on our account.  The bank has promised to reimburse us - we've yet to see any evidence of this.

But they've cut off my debit card - because OF COURSE it was my card that was compromised.  So while I wait for the new card I can't access cash.  Cash which would be nice to have access to at this time of year if for nothing else than to drop into the Salvation Army buckets.

In a funny twist of fate, my co-worker friend that I mentioned all this to told me that all of a sudden she started receiving a magazine that she hadn't ordered or paid for - which has me wondering if somehow the cosmos are messing with us and I'm paying for the magazine she's receiving and doesn't want.  Somehow that would be my luck.

Then today - The Husband informs me when I get home that somehow Office Depot/Max (just what is the official name these days?) was paid.  But that he didn't have any paperwork suggesting that he needed to pay it.  And he didn't remember paying it.  He wanted to know if I paid it.  Here's the thing, I don't pay the bills.  I reminded him of this and threw in the fact that he thought I wasn't up to the task - he denied that part. But more vehemently denied that he physically pushed the button to pay Office Depot/Max.

Then he dragged me into the obstacle course of trying to log in to our Office Depot/Max account.  Despite the fact that we have that information written down, we were unable to do so.  Which then necessitated me having an online chat with an Office Depot representative - a representative who could not even find evidence of us having an account - all the while The Husband was nattering on about how he COULDN'T have paid that bill.

To the Office Depot/Max representative - I'm sorry I hung up in mid-chat (do you call it "hanging up" when you close out of a window mid-conversation?) but he was driving me crazy.  Basically, it was a him, not you, situation.

Finally, I told The Husband that it's obvious he paid it.  And then walked away.

And that's why I'm almost ready to close my bank account and close all my online accounts and live off the grid.  The only reason I won't?  Because I know that even though those frustrations will go away there will be other ones - harder ones - to take their place.


  1. I can't tell you how happy I am to hear that other people get charged for things they know nothing about for months without realizing it . . . I mean I'm bummed for you that this happened, but we are (really it's me because Coach doesn't do anything but go to work and take out the garbage - no bills, etc.) terrible about this sort of thing. I have had SEVERAL frustrations with financial issues this year because our credit card has been compromised THREE TIMES. That means I had to get all new cards and update all of the account numbers at all of the places that I have set on autopay - specifically so I don't have to remember to pay them. Three times this year. Super annoying. I am relieved that the credit card company is paying closer attention to our account than I am. Good luck sorting it all out!

  2. I am so sorry to hear of this awful situation. Hope it gets straightened out without you having to go off the grid. :-(