December 12, 2017

Really, nationwide garage chain people? Did you think I was dumb enough not to look at other options?

So my car dinged at me today.  It took me a little while, but I finally figured out why - the car was overheating.  I pulled over immediately to mull my options.  I knew I didn't feel confident to drive the car any length of time, so I pulled into a nearby large, nationwide garage. 

They told me that they could look at the car, but that it would be a couple of hours.  I called The Husband to come pick me up.

Several hours later, I got a call from the shop.  They told me it would be over $700 to fix the car.  AND they suggested that the tires be rotated and aligned.  Oh really?  Why were they even looking at the tires?  That had absolutely nothing to do with why I brought the car in.

We informed them that we wanted to see if our warranty covered this repair and to not do anything until we determined that.  Then we called our friend who is car guy to get his opinion.  He determined that the car part was only $80.  So basically, this company was going to charge me $620 for labor.  I realize that car mechanics are experts and deserve to be paid for their labor but $620 dollars worth for two hours?  Really?  Who were they going to have working on my car?

We then called the dealership.  They couldn't tell us if the repair was under warranty; we'd need to call the warranty people but they told The Husband that if the repair wasn't covered it would only cost...wait for it...$200.  Which makes me wonder what the nationwide garage people would have quoted The Husband had he brought the car in?

After talking to the warranty people, it appears the repair is covered - thank goodness because, hello, Christmas time! 

Generally, I like to think the best of people but this has just left a really nasty taste in my mouth.  If I didn't have these options to turn to, I would have been taken advantage of; basically I would have been royally screwed over.  How can these people live with themselves?  I am utterly disgusted.


  1. That is unbelievable! I'm so glad you had the resources to figure it out. What is wrong with people? I hate dealing with things that aren't part of my expertise . . . which is, I guess when I think about it, most things. I babysat for a family from the time I was 12 thru my college years and beyond as needed when they traveled. They own car dealerships, and now I feel fortunate because I only buy from them. I never worry about whether or not I get a good deal.

  2. I agree. I find large nationwide services are often looking for the rube that they can con. Good for you that you are not one of them! :-)