April 12, 2020

Easter 2020 will be a memorable one...

Happy Easter!

I was fairly certain that Man-Child wouldn't come - as he has been adamant about not seeing us as he is terrified of the possibility of contaminating us.  And I was so sad about that.

But The Husband - and Man-Child's love of all traditions - lured him here; which made me happy.

And this was how we had dinner together.

We were SO happy to see him!

Yes, in the garage with a giant table between us; because our forecast called for rain, so we couldn't eat on the back patio.  He refused to come into the house and made me take his dishes using napkins.  He was hyper vigilant that we wouldn't come in contact with any possible germs.

And while it WAS great to lay eyes on him, to visit, etc.  It was sad that it came to this...Easter dinner in the garage.  On the plus side, at least I had cleaned out the garage a few months ago, so at least we weren't surrounded by junk...just garage stuff, which isn't exactly the ambiance I am looking for in a holiday dinner.

We made the most of it; but it was a bit melancholy...especially since there were no hugs or kisses.  And he stayed that far away (see above) from us the entire time and instead of coming over to spend the day, he came about an hour before dinner and left about an hour after.

So, yes Easter 2020 will certainly be memorable...but I'm thinking that next year we will be back to our original festivities, I hope.  But I will count this visit as a blessing because despite it all, we were together; and apart.


  1. He is such a conscientious son, Gigi. You are definitely blessed to have been able to lay eyes on him, even if there were no hugs. That is one LONG table, perfect for social distancing. :-)

  2. So sweet that you found a way to be together for Easter. I am envious of your clean and organized garage. I had to beg a few kids to shower and get dressed at 2:00. We did Zoom conferences with both sides of the family. Mini turned 16 on Easter, so her friends came over the night before and decorated our front porch because of the rainy forecast. It was sweet. They made posters and left her treats and cards. I am glad Manchild is so cautious.

  3. Aww, I love this!! Happy Easter!

    Ps- I saw on Twitter that you had bad storms? Hope all is well. The town my parents used to live (in Chattanooga) got hit pretty hard. What a time to have to worry about storms. :(

  4. I love how cautious he is. I had the same feelings about Easter this year. Thankful but blah. Hoping and praying that next Easter will be normal!

  5. It's wonderful he's so thoughtful and concerned about you! Hope all is okay with the storms.

  6. I LOVE that your son came to visit even though it was a 'weird' one. The fact that he loves his traditions and his family says a lot about how you raised him. Bravo.