November 4, 2023

Thinking Ahead and Crowd Sourcing a Solution

 As I vowed last year, I am beginning to prepare for Christmas early this year.

I promised myself that I would begin Christmas shopping in October.  And I did.  I bought TWO whole gifts.  So I'm still behind on that front.  Of course, it would be nice if people (ahem, my guys!) were giving me gift ideas, but they aren't.  In that case we will blame them for this failure.

Freezing cookie dough last year turned out to be SUCH a time saver and I've already started.  Currently, I have a batch of about 70 chocolate chip cookies and about 50 ginger snaps frozen and ready to go.  I had hoped to get around to testing out freezing the spritz cookie dough but never did.  So this year, I will still have to get those done at some point closer to Christmas; maybe this year I'll take some of the dough, freeze it and see how it does after Christmas.  This seems to be a sensible option.

Quick question for those of you that do freeze cookie dough - do you make a test batch before you start freezing?  Because I know myself, I do.  I'd rather find out now that I screwed something up than find out on the day I decide to actually make the cookies.

From here we will pivot away from Christmas for the rest of this post...because why not?

We are exactly THREE weeks away from the Big Day.  Eek!  How did that happen so quickly?

I have declined to have my hair and makeup done; mainly because who can say that this person can deal with this mop on my head?  Hell, I can barely deal with it.

So, I have decided that if, and only if, I am having a good hair day I will wear it down for the rehearsal dinner.  But it will definitely be up for the wedding.  I'm not taking any chances.  Plus, I know when I'm anxious (and I will most likely be anxious/nervous) I can't keep my hands out of my hair.  Which will lead to frizz.  So that is a no brainer decision.

What I need your help on (well, those of you that use makeup) is my makeup.  I'm fairly low-key when it comes to makeup. Maybe a bit of concealer, if needed.  Just the tiniest hint of eyeshadow in lieu of eyeliner, mascara, blush and lipstick.  I'd be shocked if it takes me five minutes to "do my face" on a normal day.

Obviously, I have to ramp it up a bit for the wedding and, more importantly, the pictures.

I think I have found a foundation that will work and hopefully act as an Instagram filter (I'm lying to myself; no foundation can do that.  Can it?). 

No, the conundrum I have yet to find a solution to are the bags under my eyes.  I have tried everything and so far nothing seems to work.  I've tried concealer, foundation, cool washcloths.  The only thing that seems to work is wearing glasses as they kinda sorta mask them.  Which, I don't plan to wear (but maybe I'll have to?).  

And that's where you come in.  Any ideas or suggestions?  Any must have products?  Any thoughts as to application of said products?  Am I just going to have to accept the fact that the bags are there and there they will stay; unhidden?  


  1. I'm hopeless with makeup and I don't freeze dough so I'm basically useless to you. Other than wishing you A WONDERFUL AND EXCITING AND LOVELY DAY. Where DID the time go?
    You have a stunning dress and I can only imagine how gorgeous you - and everyone/everything else - will look. Enjoy this special day.

  2. Gigi, I am here for you. First, no, I never do a test batch of cookies BUT the dough I freeze is generally from a recipe I have made many times (sugar cookies and gingerbread) so I figure it's fine. Also, YES, it is such a time saver!
    Now, onto the bags. I am going to say first off that nothing is going to miraculously get rid of the eye bags. Believe me, girl, I have tried. Lord, how I have tried. But I do have products that I use that do help. First of all, are you using a night cream or undereye serum? If not, get on that immediately. I use a retinol Neutrogena one which I think really helps BUT if you are sensitive to retinol, do not start three weeks before the wedding. No need to get a rash or reaction. But something at night if you're not already doing it.
    Now, for day. I use The Ordinary Caffeine solution, it's an undereye serum that depuffs and is supposed to get rid of dark circles. THIS ISN'T PLASTIC SURGERY so it doesn't "get rid" of them but it does reduce them. So after my shower I dab on a little of that and while it's still kind of absorbing, I use Ilia vitamin c undereye concealer. But ONLY a tiny bit. Now, this Ilia shit is expensive, but The Ordinary is cheap, so I figure they balance out. Anyway, not sure if the expense is worth it, but here's the thing: ONLY A TINY BIT. Then I kind of gently blend the concealer with the undereye serum and then I add the rest of my face. This helps, but I repeat: nothing is actually going to totally conceal the bags. I'm sorry, it's just a fact. So anyway, then I add a primer to my whole face and then I either use a CC cream or the Ilia tinted face serum, depending on the day. THEN, (I know, this is lots of steps, bear with me) I lightly pat a pressed powder on everything including the undereye bags. It sets everything and it also - this is relevant for your case - photographs really well. I cannot stress enough how well pressed powder works for photographs. I assume many will be taken that day and so this is important.
    Another thing, re: mascara and undereye bags - go super light on the bottom lashes so they don't accentuate the undereye bags or worse, melt into them.
    This is probably the most involved comment I've ever left you but you know, I have a lot of feelings about makeup and skin care!

    1. Nicole, I ALWAYS do a test batch of about 4 cookies; simply because I know myself. If I get distracted while making the dough, I have been known to forget an ingredient or a step.

      As for the tips, THANK YOU! That is so helpful. I do use a night cream and the caffeine solution but not a night retinol serum. I don't think I'm sensitive to retinol since I also use the ROC retinol deep wrinkle cream. So, I bought the ROC retinol eye serum today. For some reason, CVS didn't have ANY Neutrogena facial products at all; and I know they generally carry them.

  3. I know how to freeze dough but have no advice about makeup. Generally speaking I avoid the stuff. Maybe just smile broadly and don't worry about the bags under your eye?

  4. I don't wear makeup, so my only advice is, in 10 or 20 years, you will look at the photos and be amazed at how good you look! Try to channel that future energy into the present. Have a wonderful day!

  5. I also don't wear makeup so can't help you there. But I'm rooting for you to look fabulous!

  6. I'm in the same boat as Ally - I freeze dough. I also freeze some cookies, not all. I hardly ever wear makeup. My advice would be to have a professional do your makeup for the day of, with a test run in advance especially if you like light makeup. Regardless, you will look ravishing. You will be glowing with happiness. The pictures will be amazing. Looking forward to hearing all about it.

  7. Clearly Nicole is the expert here! I also do not freeze cookies or wear much makeup so am of no help to you. However, I applaud you for getting your Christmas shopping done early! This year we are trying to do more experiences throughout the year, which has worked out well and we have had some fun times! However, I am always happy to get my Chapstick in my stocking from Santa!

  8. I've never frozen dough, but I've always frozen fully-baked cookies with complete success, even frosted and jam-filled. I use waxed paper between layers, and I freeze them in the tins/containers as is. I just take them out the day before and allow them to defrost in the tins.

    I don't wear anything but mascara, and I don't have any under-eye bags, but I am a firm believer in nighttime moisturizing, which you probably already do. I'll defer to those with more expertise.

  9. I'm the worst baker, so I'd gladly take YOUR frozen cookie dough and try to not mess them up. Ok? When will it be here?
    I have zero gifts.
    The only think I can think of is caffeine for your under eyes. There are lots of them out there, maybe do some research and find one to try?
    I would suggest you DO apply eyeliner and go a bit heavier on your shadow and blush or bronzer since you don't typically wear much. That way your face will show up in pics. ;) I'm so excited for you guy.

  10. I admire and envy a little folks like you who get it going early good for you !

  11. I am no help on either the cookies or the eye bags. I have dark circles and struggle to find anything to help them. I would suggest going to Ulta and asking someone there for suggestions. Good luck!!!

  12. Woohoo..I have nearly sorted J.
    And one child once money and the other is getting bits. Some of the bits I have but some still need doing. So kinda there..

    Can't help on cookies or make up bit I still use your muffin recipe form years ago