November 28, 2023

Wedding Recap

 Whew!  What a whirlwind weekend; what with Thanksgiving AND the wedding.

So, our Thanksgiving was....

Oh, I know you aren't here for that.  You want to know about the wedding, don't you?  Read on.

It was perfect.  Well, except for the fact that my sister-in-law came down with food poisoning from something she ate on the way to get here and she ended up missing the wedding. 

But, other than that it was perfect.

Yes, I was in tears all day - but happy tears.  Seeing my husband in his suit and tie; teared up.  Seeing the broad, excited grin on my son's face just before the ceremony; teared up.  Watching as he walked up the aisle preceded by his best friends; teared up.  Seeing his face when he saw his bride for the first time; teared up.  Watching his bride walk up the aisle; teared up.  Seeing him wiping happy tears from his face; nearly lost it completely.

I'm telling you, there wasn't one moment when I didn't have tears leaking out of my eyes.

But this was another moment when I almost burst into sobs.

Her dress was absolutely stunning.

Look at how happy he looks.  A mother wants nothing more than to see her child this ridiculously happy.

Here's another that gives you a better look at the dress.

Stunning, I tell you.

Although, he did get a bit distracted from his beautiful bride for a minute...I caught him and most of his crew catching the final minutes of some silly football game.  Fortunately for him, his bride knew what she was getting into with this guy and football.

Seriously, guys?

This isn't the best picture of us - nor does it particularly show off my dress.  While I was okay with my (practically non-existent at this point) make up, I am not pleased with how my hair turned out.  But, you know what, I don't even care; because scroll back up to that first picture to see how happy he is. 

Other than the wedding, it was great to catch up with family.  Fun fact, we haven't been in the same room at the same time with both my husband's brother and sister's families since 2017!  And then, we were all staying in different places and didn't have many opportunities to catch up.

This time, as we were all staying in the same hotel; after the rehearsal dinner on Friday night, we all gathered in the lobby of the hotel and proceeded to catch up.  And then we were SHUSHED!  Now, in our defense it was only 9:00 pm on a Friday night (there were still young children in the lobby, for crying out loud) and it's not like we were rowdy; we were just laughing.  And is it our fault, that they decided to put the first floor guest rooms right next door to the lobby?  I mean, with a little forethought they could have made those rooms closest to the lobby store rooms instead of guest rooms.  Honestly, do I have to do all the thinking around here?

It was amazing; SO AMAZING...but I'm glad it is over (only because of how anxious it was making me; SO anxious).

And now we turn our attention to Christmas...


  1. Now that should be a waterproof mascara commercial! BTW, you all looked joyous and gorgeous and I'm glad that everything went very well. Tell your sis-in-law I hope she's feeling better. Anyway, I'm so excited for y'all! Also, 9 PM on a Friday night is not the time to shush anyone! What were they thinking?! So, are you ready for grandbabies next? I mean, if that's what they're wanting. Not trying to overstep here, but ... GRANDBABIES ARE THE BEST!!!!!! Mona

  2. You look great and your son looks so happy and his wife's dress really is stunning. I am so glad that it all went well and now you can just bask in the happiness and be done with the anxiety! That does seem strange that they would put guest rooms close enough to the lobby that they could hear you guys...poor planning!

  3. AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH I WAS WONDERING HOW IT WENT!!! This is such a great post, I am SO happy you filled us in. I was thinking about it all weekend, thinking "I'm pretty sure this is when it is" and it WAS and it looks BEAUTIFUL. I love the photos so much (gosh, her dress is gorgeous! And yours is too!). I am so, so happy for you and for your son! What a wonderful wedding. It sounds like such a great time too.

  4. I have been thinking about you!!!! What great photos! It sounds like a wonderful, beautiful celebration. And wow, her dress IS stunning, and so is yours. You look fabulous. So many congratulations to you all!

  5. Oh, hooray! You look terrific, and so very happy. I'm glad it was such a wonderful affair. Yes, her dress was incredible. But the big thing--they are happy, you are happy, and it all worked out beautifully. They're married!

  6. Oh, Gigi! Her dress is stunning, and you look beautiful, but how they look at each other? Love. I am thrilled for your son and daughter-in-law, as well as for you and your husband. You can now take a deep breath. 😘🖤

  7. I'm so glad it all went so well! What a wonderful time was clearly had by all. Congrats.

  8. Hooray. These happy events are so lovely, but also exhausting and I can see why you're so happy AND relieved. It's a lot of pressure and I think we all hold our breath until these things are over (knowing how easily things get de-railed; imagine the bride or groom had gotten food poisoning - and your poor, poor SIL). And it is over and it was wonderful. And ditto to everything Nicole said. Everyone looks wonderful and your dress + the brides dress are truly stunning <3

  9. It looks so beautiful and yes the brides dress is stunning. You all look so happy!!

  10. Gigi, I'm SO happy that the wedding was perfect and created many moments of joy, tears and love. Sorry about your SIL getting sick.
    You look radiant!! The bride and groom are a beautiful couple and I wish them all the happiness in the world.

    Hey, I've been shushed a few times and it's rude, I tell ya! 😳🤓

  11. I'm so pleased to read this and see the photos. I thought of you over the weekend and wondered how it was going. Gloriously it would seem. Congratulations and best wishes to the bride and groom. And good job to the mother of the groom.

  12. Aww, congratulations to the bride and groom!

  13. I think you look very elegant in your photo!