September 5, 2010

A long, rambling post and new shoes - everybody wins! *Updated*

Hi!!!  It's so good to be back!

What do you mean - you haven't missed me??  It's been three (count 'em THREE) days since my last post.  Technically, six - since the last one doesn't count.....

*sigh* It doesn't count because I had to unburden myself from all that knowledge that I'm not allowed to tell Hubby about - remember?

So basically, except for a few stray comments, here and there, I've been missing in action.  No particular reason why (I have had plenty to say and have mentally composed several posts over the past few days - but they seem to have been forgotten errr, misplaced.)  Other than the aforementioned drama, life has been pretty quiet here in Gigi-land.

As many of you are aware, it's a long weekend here - it's been extra long for me as my company is kind enough to close both the Friday before Labor Day and on Labor Day.  So despite some of their faults - they get extra credit for this alone.  I guess they figure that all of our extra-hard labor earns us an extra day.

So Friday dawned with me awakening to an empty house.  Usually, this is cause for jubilation.  But, I suppose with the boys having been gone last weekend, I was looking for some companionship.  But Man-Child was in school and Hubby had taken himself fishing - leaving me to my own devices.  Usually this is a good thing as it sometimes results in productive activity - such as cleaning house, working in the yard or actually coming up with a decent post.  None of that happened.

Instead, I ended up taking numerous pictures of myself.  Why?  I don't know.  I was bored and felt like I needed a new picture for the blog and it's not like anyone in this house (other than me) is taking any pictures.  After about half an hour of that tomfoolery - I looked at the results and was not pleased at all.  According to all the pictures I took - I have a HUGE forehead and felt that this look needed to be remedied ASAP!

So I took myself upstairs and proceeded to cut my bangs - yes, I know - this is not an activity that one should normally undertake by oneself - but desperate times folks!  Besides, I've cut my bangs before without too terribly bad results....I've learned if I do it little by little and I leave the rest of it alone - I'm probably okay.

Truth be told, I was kind of pleased with the results - no more HUGE forehead staring back at me in the mirror.  Why is it that I have looked in the mirror every day for however long it's been and I never noticed - but as soon as I took those pictures it was glaringly obvious? I have informed Hubby that he has failed in his duty as a husband to tell me that I was wearing my hair all wrong.  He didn't seem too upset by that announcement.  In fact, I'm pretty sure he was ignoring me.

After cutting my bangs - I took a few more pictures and put that one up - it will have to do for now until I can get some decent pictures taken.  My arms are only so long, you know, and I'd probably prefer one that is taken a bit further for now, we'll just call that one "artistic" and live with it for a bit - unless you all hate it and then we'll put the old one back (maybe).

After the longest day ever - came the football game.  This time, I made it to the game early enough to actually find a spot on the bleachers so I could actually see.  Our boys did good.  We won 49-0.  It actually sounds better than it is (according to Hubby and Man-Child) as these last two games we've played have not been against impressive teams.  So next week will tell the tale as we are playing a much tougher team.  But Man-Child got a lot of playing time - and apparently took out the quarterback causing an interception; which somehow I completely missed - I must have blinked or something.  It's hard to keep your eye on your player as they are all dressed alike out there.  I have suggested putting a splash of pink on his helmet so that I can find him in the sea of bodies on the field - he did not appreciate my suggestion in the least.

Saturday was completely uneventful.  COMPLETELY.  In fact, Man-Child dramatically informed me that he fully expected to expire of boredom before this weekend is over.  As he was still alive and well, last time I checked on him I expect he may live after all.

This morning I awoke to a surprise - Hubby was up and about (that's not the surprise) and so was Man-Child (that was the shocker!).  I had to check the time to make sure that it was in fact still morning.  It was.  After a few chores I left to run some errands.

Can you imagine my shock when I discovered that a local shoe store (that I never visit because it is so far away it may as well be in Virginia) has relocated right down the road from me?  As I paid for my purchase (what? Surely you know I had to buy something so as to encourage the local economy!), I informed the guy who rang me up that my husband was not going to be happy with their new location.  He just laughed.  He must have thought I was kidding.  I fully expect that he and I will be on a first name basis before long and that he, will in fact, be calling me on my cell to tell me all about the latest inventory.

As I was sitting in the parking lot taking a picture of my newest pretties (you know you've done it too) to send  out to Twitterland and a few friends - I got some odd looks.  But mainly these looks were from men - who obviously do not realize that this is normal.  But look, aren't they gorgeous?

Obviously, not the best photo - as you really can't see the detail too well - but to be fair, I was sitting in the car in the parking lot.  I can't wait for fall to get here so that I can wear these lovelies.  I suppose I could wear them now with a cute skirt as the kids do - but alas, I'm not a kid - so I'll just have to wait.  I was able to smuggle them into the house without any trouble as Hubby and Man-Child were out when I arrived home.

So anyway, you see what happens when I am away from Blogland too long - you get a long, rambling account of what my weekend has been like and I end up with new shoes.  So everybody wins!

Now, since the bang-cutting was such a success, I'm off to dye my hair.  I mean really, what could possibly go wrong?

Thank you DJan for reminding me about the date stamp on the profile picture!  I'd meant to deal with that earlier - but it completely slipped my mind!  I don't know what I'd do without my friends to keep me headed in a semi-straight path.....


  1. Those aren't shoes, they are boots! And really cute ones, too. Your new picture is fine, but I had to go into your profile and see what the beauty mark on the right side of your lip is: a date stamp. Although it was long, the reading was pretty easy...

  2. love the shoes. i saw a ton of frye boots on sale at marshalls!!
    i can't dye my own hair, i'm a disaster waiting to happen...every. single. time.
    yeah, i never learn!!


  3. Cute shoes! And I've been known to cut my own bangs too.

  4. Those are amazing boots. I love them. Good luck with the hair dying. We want to see, we want to see.

  5. Ok, you need not to be left to your own devices for long periods of time. The at-home-hair-cutting services worked in your favour this time, but who knows what style you'll decide to try next time. PS: You need to post all the pics of you and the forehead. Us followers dig that!

  6. Taking lots of pictures of myself, or looking at pictures someone else took of me, generally leads to some sort of hasty decision. Glad yours turned out well.

  7. Adorable boots! I could totally see those with my skinny jeans. They are loanable, right??

    You have the most gorgeous, huge eyes, sweetie! And I'm totally with you on the bang-cutting. Your hair looks to be the same texture as mine...and it's pretty forgiving, so how bad could it be? I'll always have bangs. I think they make one look younger.

  8. How brave are you to cut your bangs? I love that!!

    Shut up about the shoe store. Such great boots. Love. Love. Love.

  9. Love those boots! So cute! And your new 'do is very flattering. va va voom.

  10. Those boots are cute!

    And taking photos is a great way to kill time. I usually end up using my Demon Chihuahua as a subject. :-P

    -French Bean

  11. LOL I would have missed you if I hadn't been away myself! I love your new pic and am glad we are both back!

  12. Love Love your new boots!! I want some!!

  13. Cool boots... and love your new pic. I've been caught so many times twit-picing a purchase. Med don't get it - its just another form of how we girls like to share! xxx