September 16, 2010

Sometimes I procrastinate

I'm supposed to be typing out a real post.  You know, one that has some sort of form and substance.

I even have the subject matter locked and loaded.  But I just can't seem to make myself sit down and do it.

Instead, I've been playing catch up and reading what I've missed while I was without access.  I'm all caught up now (sans comments though, sorry!).

Instead of sitting down and typing a post I've been figuring out how to move my iTunes library and set up Office - done.

Instead of writing, I've finally downloaded and cropped this picture:

No, that's not sweat - they took pictures in the rain!

Which I've also been meaning to do forever.  Another thing done; at the expense of my post.

To explain the lengths that I've gone to procrastinate, I even took the time to post it on FaceBook - surely that tells you something.

And now? Instead of writing the post I've been meaning to write for the past two days; now I am writing this one.

It defies explanation.

But apparently, sometimes I have to procrastinate in order to get other things done.


  1. Look at MC! Poor guy having to stand in the rain for a photo!

    And hey, sometimes procrastinating needs to happen!!

  2. It really is the perfect reason for procrastination.

  3. sometimes you just gotta procrastinate. :)

  4. What a great picture! Maybe this is the one you were meant to write anyway. And sometimes I just have to catch up without commenting, too, except for those I can't help throwing in a few words!

  5. Totally understand. I am a champion procrastinator myself!

    Great picture!

  6. Hehe.....Love you! Very nice picture of your son. XX

  7. I know it is shameful, but I keep posting way down on my priority list. I typically reserve early Saturday morning to do the deed...while everything is quiet and all are sleeping.

    Online stuff just weigh on me like other stuff.

  8. Great picture!! Should be in a frame!!

  9. I hear that. And LOOK at all you DID get done! It was still important stuff!

    I'm also busy playing catch-up...and won't allow myself to post anything new until I'm caught up.

    Not that I know what I'm blogging about next anyway....