September 21, 2010

The rumors, they are a flying . . .

Some of you may remember that I mentioned not too long ago that we would be getting a New Top Dog.

Well, the New Top Dog has landed.  He has been with us for a week and some change.

Let me tell you - tongues, they are a wagging.  Rumors are flying about like you wouldn't believe.

For the most part, it's actually quite humorous.

Being located on the same floor as the New Top Dog and in a spot where I can see his door and all the comings and goings, I have been hit with many queries for all the "deets."

Unfortunately, for those who are asking I have very little details to share as the man in question has been tied up in many "get to know you" meetings for these past few days.

Considering that Old Top Dog has been with us for well over a decade people are curious.  Will New Top Dog drag this company, kicking and screaming, into the 21st century (or is it the 22nd now?  I can never keep all that straight)?  Will he be a visible Top Dog or will he hide in his office never to be seen?  The questions are many, let me tell you.  The answers remain to be seen - particularly since Old Top Dog is still here - effectively neutered but still nipping and growling.

I've been told that music has been heard in the early morning hours pouring out of his office.  Music? In this building; on this particular floor?  It's unheard of, I tell you.  This is the most solemn of floors - no laughter, no loitering, no MUSIC!!!  What's next?  All out frivolity?

The rumor that reached my ears today was an intriguing one.  It's been said that during his "get to know you" departmental meetings at our manufacturing facility he has decreed that the men no longer need to wear ties.  Scandalous!!!  This company has prided itself, lo these many years, of keeping that "professional" image spit shined.  It has further been rumored that once Old Top Dog leaves he may actually turn his sights onto "corporate" whereupon he will decree that every day will be "business casual."

This news caused my insides to quake.  While it may be well and good for the gentlemen to break free from that noose called a tie; I shudder to think what may happen in other areas.  I have witnessed for myself what some women deem as appropriate for our hard fought "business casual" Fridays.  I'm sure I've detailed some of the atrocities here.....what?  I haven't?  Possibly because I didn't want to be thought of as catty..... let's just leave it to your vivid imaginations, shall we?

I have a feeling that things are going to be getting very, very interesting around here in the next few more ways than one.


  1. A whole latte drama going on over here! But it sure makes for interesting days, too ...

  2. Wow, at least it makes for an interesting work day. Good luck, I hope the changes are positive.

  3. Can't wait to see who ends up in the doghouse. . .

  4. Change? Change? Who let the dog out? Who? Who?

  5. whew that sounds crazy. can't wait to see what happens! haha

  6. Can't say I like change. Hope yours is postive!

  7. No ties?! What next?! What is the world coming to??!!!

  8. But. I wanna SEE the inappropriate attire of the female gender on the casual Fridays!

    And so, I hereby demand (I mean, ask nicely) that you begin snapping photos with your Blackberry (heads cut off to protect the whores, of course) and LET US SEE.