September 11, 2010

We Remember


  1. Wow, it just gets you doesn't it?
    My husband and I went out and watched "Remember Me" - we thought it would be this fun little movie and when it turned into a movie about 9/11 - anyways, it made the tragedy even more powerful. I can't believe how long its been.

  2. Thank you for the possibility to share my grief once again with my friends. We remember and grieve for the world that was and is no more.

  3. This day always gets me. I'm not an American and nobody close to me was effected by the tragedy but my heart always reaches out to the people who were effected and America in general. xxx

  4. I see this was a common theme in the blog world today.

    I heard about it from my great Aunt Mable, I had arrived at her house to pick up something and she had the news on. I remember thinking it didn't shock me, some people can be so cruel and extremists will do anything (that's why they're extremists I suppose).


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