June 20, 2011

I'm tired of being a grown-up.....

I'm ready to go back to being a kid again.

I'm tired of worrying and stewing over money, jobs (or lack thereof), the child, the child's driving, his social life, his school, his mental health, and his regular health.

I'm tired of worrying about Hubby, his health, his state of mind, and why he isn't sleeping.

I'm tired of worrying about friends, their kids, and all of their well-being.

I'm tired of laundry (oh my God; AM I sick of laundry!), dusting, mopping, vacuuming, cleaning toilets, putting the toilet paper on the roll (this, apparently, is a job for only the highly skilled).

I'm tired of pushing the couch, the chair, the table and the trash can back into their proper places.  I'm tired of wondering just WHY does Hubby move them in the first place??

In the same vein, I'm also tired of putting knick-knacks, books, papers, etc. back to where they belong.  WHY does he feel the need to move them all the time anyway?!  (Seriously, I need an answer to this one)

I'm tired of worrying about the health and well-being of family that is too far away for me to be of any assistance.  I'm tired of thinking about the fact that I have family old enough (and far away enough) for me to be worrying about.

I'm tired of picking up glasses and plates left in random places, of trash that can never seem to make it into the trash can (which has been moved AGAIN, dammit!) in the first place.

I'm tired of alarm clocks and getting up at a ridiculously early time.  I'm tired of putting on the happy face for work people - even though some of them REALLY deserve to see the mean face.

I'm tired of looking at my calendar and having nothing to really look forward to - except for dental visits, mammograms, yearly physicals and eye exams.

I'm ready to go back to looking forward to summer vacations, where there were no major expectations or worries.  Of spending days upon days playing, reading, day-dreaming and just goofing off.  Days where I didn't have to worry about anything larger than getting my chores (or homework, if school was in session) done.  Days spent just hanging out with friends.  Eating what I wanted, when I wanted, and not worrying about calories or cholesterol.

Days dreaming about the day I'd become the adult and I could do whatever I wanted.

When nobody could tell me what to do, or how to do it, because *I* would be an ADULT.....

Apparently, that day has come.  And I don't like it.  Not one little bit.


  1. I would LOVE to have the energy of my youth, but not necessarily to go through it again. Maybe if I could do it with 20/20 hindsight!

  2. My sister continues to tell me that worrying is a misuse of the imagination, which makes me worry even more! :-)

    We can't go back again, but going forward learning how to use worry in a more constructive way, that's where I'm headed, I hope! :-)

  3. Yep, my laundry is an the one reason that would make me want to run away. I pick it up from bedroom floors and beside the laundry basket, I sort and stain treat, I wash, I peg out to dry, I bring in again as it starts to rain (this can happen 2 or 3 times as I don't have a tumble drier) eventually I bring in and iron and then I ask politely for it to be taken to rooms and hung up. That is a step too far for my children, it lies in a pile. They say they don't need it to be ironed.

    Will we run away and not be grown ups together????? xx

  4. Me too!!

    Great post...I feel the same way. I'm tired of everything you're tired of. I want to be a kid again too.

  5. Your life sounds just like mine, except I have four kids to worry about and with Uni girl at home for the summer now, three to pick up after! Life is a bloody drag with all this worry, OH now in his 6th month of unemployment, hence my lying about fashion purchases! Shopping is all that keeps me sane!

  6. Well said sister~~ come visit me in Maine.You can sleep in and play all day.

  7. Oh- and why not think about PURGING some of the knick-knacks, books etc- that's what I do.

  8. But you get to eat potato chips and ice cream for breakfast if you want to. Doesn't that make up for some of it?

  9. I'm tired of feeling like I'm the only grown-up in the house.

  10. Some days I'm with you. My husband puts things "away" and forgets. That's always nice.

    Bills are my least favourite thing in the world I think.

  11. You need a serious girl's weekend. We need to try to get something in the works.

  12. I am a huge worrier too and it is starting to drive me insane.

    ....I see a counsellor....
    ...and drink....

  13. Babe...you need and deserve a vacation! Hugs!

  14. Oh, you and me both.

    Vacation time!


  15. Me either! I'm off for the summer so I have a tiny bit more freedom.

    Yes.......for some reason my husband doesn't/can't put the toilet paper on the holder even when I put it right on the seat so he has to move it before he goes.

  16. You need to runaway to Ireland where we put everything on the long finger that and the golden rule of Never do today what you can put off until tomorrow or even the week after :)

  17. I'm so ashamed to say that the other day, I started to cry in the car, and my older son Charlie Brown said, "mom I'm sorry you're having such a stressful day." and I said, "It's just so HARD being a grown-up."

    Stuff breaking that I can't afford to fix. Problems surfacing that I can't control. Kids doing things that are contrary to what I've taught them to do. It's just too much.

    I totally get you.

  18. So basically, you're tired of being a wife and mother! LOLOL!
    High five, blog buddy! LOL!