June 8, 2011

Yesterday I *attempted* to make you laugh.....

But today, I have a much more serious subject in mind.

As I was furtively scrolling through tweets on my phone at work (What?! You HAVE to be furtive at the Good Ole Boy Network - they frown upon EVERYTHING!)  I came across this one from The Online Stylist (have you met her?  If you haven't click over, she is one of the sweetest and most stylish women on the world-wide web!  I promise)......

It was quiet - I had nothing to do at the moment since I was waiting on someone else so I could finish my assigned task (don't get me started.  Why, yes, I have been known to procrastinate occasionally but NEVER at someone else's expense or time....) so I clicked the link.

Which took me to Alice's blog.

Alice is a 15 year old girl with terminal cancer.  Her blog is about her bucket list and is meant to showcase all that she accomplishes on said list.  It's heart-wrenching (even more so when you get home and read about it on the computer screen and not a phone screen the size of large thimble).

Needless to say, I was sitting in the office with tears streaming down my face for everyone to see.

While, so far, her bucket list hasn't mentioned much that I am in a position to help with there is ONE (or two) thing(s) that Alice is asking for that I think I might be able to do - and you could too - she is asking that people donate bone marrow - no matter where you live.  She is also asking that people spread the word about donating.

I don't know much about the process but you can read more about it here and decide whether it is something you can do to help Alice or people in Alice's position.  If nothing else, please pass the word via Facebook, Twitter (#AliceBucketList) or whatever form of social media that you prefer.  Don't forget to tell your "real life" friends too.

And while you're at it - maybe send up a prayer or two.


  1. Oh gosh, I don't know if I can read another heart-breaking blog. While Alice sounds amazing, my heart just can't handle to much more. Give me time, I'm sure I'll make my way over there.

  2. I will go over there and take a look Gigi. But yes it's hard these days to read about yet another tragedy.

  3. I can't go right now, I'm too empathetic. Maybe when I'm stronger.

  4. I read about Alice on twitter last night. It sounds like that little girl is making a big impact...

  5. I've been on the bone marrow donor list here in Canada for well over a year (been an organ donor since I was got my drivers license at 16). It's just such a simple process to get on it. My friend Heather who has CF may end up needing a double lung transplant, so bone marrow/organ donation is so important.

  6. I'm a fragile man, but I want to be a better man.

  7. Donating is important. Having a semi-rare blood type, I donate blood regularly...


  8. So very sad! I hate hearing such tragic news!


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