June 27, 2011

My tongue STILL hurts from biting it so hard.

Okay, I may be tired of being a grown up.....but I AM a grown up (or, at least, put on a good imitation of one; occasionally....) and a DAMN good friend.


Because I just let a man into my house that I swore would NEVER darken my door again.  NEVER.  As far as I am concerned, he is dead to me.

Why yes, I HAVE been known to hold a grudge - why do you ask?

This is the man I told you about a while ago.  Yes, click over and see what he did to put me in a state, I'll wait.

Are you back?  Are you sufficiently outraged?

Good, then we are on the same page.

Apparently, Mr. X is back in town to "visit with his children that he loves SO very much."  And while he's here has agreed to sign some papers to let his (hopefully, soon to be EX) wife have power of attorney over a few things - including the house; which she is STILL trying to save without any financial support from him; all of which require being witnessed by a notary.

I am a notary (one of the many "perks" of working in a legal department).

She asked me to notarize a few papers while he was here.    Bless her, for most of the papers, she took him to a local bank and paid to have them notarized - thus, saving me from the agony of restraining myself for any length of time in his presence.

But there were a few that involved other people whose schedules weren't that flexible and needed to be done after hours.

So for her, my dear friend, I welcomed most of them in and took care of business.

I'm sure I'll hear about how "frosty" I was later - but, in my mind?  He's lucky he walked out of here alive, much less without having his ears blistered from the things I wanted to say.

Lesson learned?  You will do just about anything for a good friend.  Another lesson learned?  If you are a notary - keep it to yourself.


  1. Gigi, you really ARE a good friend - to help her and to stand by her. You are putting her needs above your own feelings.

    Sounds like YOU would have been a better husband than X. ha ha

  2. Oh you really are a good friend. So glad you were there to help her take a step in the right direction. Sigh. So hard.

  3. I don't need to read back, I know exactly who you are talking about! Have a margarita and celebrate the fact you aren't in jail, for doing what you probably wanted to do!

  4. I remember him! He sounds like a proper jackass. Good for you for not slapping him while he was there.

  5. I just read about the situation. She is very lucky to have been able to save the house from foreclosure, with the banks being the pricks they are today. And yes, good for you for restraining yourself. She's lucky to be rid of him.

  6. hehehe, I'm just laughing. I can ONLY imagine how you felt. I'm surprised he didn't spontaneously combust!! Good job in helping your frien!

  7. Ex drama. It sucks. I have no other words. But that I am proud of you that everyone survived when it was all over.

  8. My youngest daughter does keep it to herself:))
    Glad you are such a good friend.