June 7, 2011

Just when I was thinking about changing the blog name to Gigi's Grumblings....

Today I was cleaning up my work computer - what can I say, it was a slow day.

Apparently, I have a LOT of personal stuff on there.  And since I work for Big Brother (aka Good Old Boy Network) it's not a good idea to keep personal stuff at work since they have been known to....you know....snoop.....

While doing my housekeeping I came across this oldie (but goodie) and figured I'd share....especially since my last few posts have centered around all kinds of doom and gloom and how you should NEVER let your children learn to drive and all this must surely point to the impending apocalypse (now scheduled for a new date - mark your calendars!)....

Sorry to all the guys out there but.....just so ya know it's ALL in the way you ask.


  1. I loved that! Laugh out loud funny...thanks for sharing it!

  2. too funny! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Ok, maybe I'm not so paranoid after all. LOL!

  4. Ha! I'm sure there was a reason at some point in his life that he deserved that and got away something.

  5. That was just TOO TOO funny. Thank you so much for sharing it, I hadn't seen it before. :-)

  6. haha! I'm thinking male/female doesn't matter, I'm NEVER asking for directions again!

  7. Er...that was shocking. I shall keep away from strange women from now on.

    Hey, wait a minute...that's not right coz guys NEVER ask for directions!


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