December 5, 2011

I'm having his privileges revoked - permanently

How long has the Internet been around and accessible to us ordinary lay-people?  What - about 15-20 years?

And in that time, how often have we been warned about clicking on links?  About viruses, etc?  I don't know about y'all, but just about every time I turn around our IT department is sending out emails telling us not to click on any links from and to "be aware".  Just about every day on the news there is a story about a scam or a  new virus.  The warnings are EVERYWHERE.

Yes, yes, I realize that over-exposure leads to turning a deaf ear/blind eye occasionally.  Kind of like when you stick that PostIt note on your monitor to remind you to make that appointment to get your hair cut.  After you've looked at it for the third or fourth time it just kind of *disappears* into the background and you don't "see" it anymore.

But after 15-20 years of warnings?  Don't you think it would kind of begin to sink in?  Just a little?  I know that I look at a lot of links with suspicion; even if they are from a friend I've known for more than twenty years!  But then, I've been burned before.  So that does tend to lead to suspicion; well that, and my overactive imagination.

So today, the Big Boss calls me in - he needs help with his computer.  As I walk in and ask him what's up, he informs me that he needs to print this attachment in an email - and proceeds to explain that it's from the Post Office and that he needs to print it so he can pick up a package (I should interject here and point out that this is the same person who needs to be reminded often that he cannot open a spreadsheet in Word and expect to make changes to it - which pretty much explains why I'm being asked to help print an attachment).

I asked - as his finger was hovering over the mouse button - if he was expecting anything.  He said no, not that he knew of.

As I was asking how the post office would even have his email address; and before I could stop him - he clicked the link.  He responded with "good question."

And then full-blown panic ensued.  Yup, it was official - he'd opened up one can of "kill my computer dead immediately."  There was no immediate save.  IT had to be called in to perform the last rites and prepare it for burial.

And THIS is why I'm going to request that IT permanently take away his computer.

No bosses were harmed during the events that occurred today.  Only his computer.  And I only poke fun because I like him.  And because sometimes - sometimes he just hands me blog fodder on a silver platter!

Sorry folks, comment moderation is back on.  And will be until the Internet figures out a way to make people play nice.


  1. Bwhahahahahaha. Gotta love getting paid for blog fodder! I have never clicked on a link that killed my computer *knock on wood*, but I have clicked on SPAM sent by a friend who was hacked. I hate when that happens.

  2. I am VERY careful about clicking on any links, but that's because I have a paranoid partner, who looks at all links with suspicion. I've learned a lot from him, and so far I haven't had to be bailed out... :-)

  3. I'm so glad it was your boss and not me!!! I'm skeptical of everything and everyone, but I do see just how easy it could happen and how gullible some people are. Like Foursons, I have been the receiver of spam from hacked friends. Grrrrr!

  4. Does your boss know my step-daughter?

    She opens everything even though she has been burned on more than one occasion.

    Luckily I am computer savvy and can give her machine the kiss of life when needed.

    She is such a smart girl ...when her virus scanner and firewall software was up for renewal, she clicked the option 'Don't remind me again' and forgot about it.

    Recently, when she complained about her computer "playing up", I had a look.

    Inserting CD with a clean version of Norton (not the best) I discovered 1483 viruses of various natures, three of which would have rang the death knell for her laptop had she activated them.

    She is twenty! Methinks she has much in common with an inquisitive and naive six year old.

  5. And that's why THEY are the bosses of us all...

  6. I just cleaned a virus off of a computer this morning because of someone clicking a link in an email. It's mind boggling.

  7. lol that is so funny. Especially as my OH always asks me - should I open this when it is most definately Spam.

    And GRRR to the nasty people who are not nice!!


  8. Oh noooo....and then that darn virus spreads everywhere! Bet he never does that again:)

  9. I think it would serve your boss well to just remove his interconnect connection.