December 13, 2011

So....I've been a *bit* Grinch-y this year....

I admit it.

As much as I generally love the Christmas season, this year I've not been "feeling it."

I admit....I even had thoughts about NOT putting up the tree....

I finally did.  In under thirty minutes.  And you can tell...

Usually, the tree takes at least an hour and a half or a lot more.

That was IT.

That WAS my contribution to Christmas (well....other than being in charge of buying, wrapping and shipping the gifts and whatever else "needed" to be done....of which, I grumbled about QUITE a bit - just ask Hubby).

But then Julie reminded me...quite inadvertently via email (she certainly didn't realize it, until I responded and this post, of course), that this is Man-Child's LAST "real" Christmas at home.  Needless to say, that got the old mind rolling.

And possibly a few tears rolling, as well.....but we won't talk about that just now, shall we?  He won't leave me until August....right?!

So as of NOW - this house will be FILLED with Christmas spirit, even if it kills me.  There will be decorations and goodies baked (anyone need any goodies?  I will probably bake more than I should....I always do...) and whatever else is Christmas-y.

I've already ordered asked Hubby to find the outside lights....despite the fact that they are hidden somewhere in here....

Why yes....that IS my garage...AFTER Hubby "cleaned" it.....*sigh*  Yes, the lights are buried somewhere in the back.

He looked at me like I was crazy.  I informed him that it was MC's last year home and we NEEDED to do it.  Kind of like when I ordered informed him that we needed to do it for our two month old.....seventeen short years ago.....

Don't worry.  I did tell him he could do it tomorrow.  I wasn't seriously expecting him to go out at 9:00 pm and deal with it (although....wouldn't it be awesome if he did???).  Come on, people!  I'm crazy...but not THAT crazy!

So as of tomorrow Christmas is ON here in Gigi-land.  Whether they like it or not.

So thank you, Julie!  You TOTALLY saved Christmas for the Gigi-household...even if you didn't know it.


  1. I'm sitting here smiling through this whole post. I love it and expect lots and lots of pictures of the next 12 days.

    Enjoy every moment Gigi. You, Man Child, and your husband deserve every smile, every laugh, and every bit of joy that comes your way.

    Sending great big Christmas ((hugs)) and virtual gifts to put under that AWESOME tree of yours. (Virtual IS best, right?!)

  2. If I had to fill a house with Christmas spirit, it WOULD kill me. Especially the kind of spirit(s) I'd have to fill it with.

  3. It sometimes takes a while for the spirit to hit me, and it did yesterday. I'm going to buy candles to put in the window for Christmas Eve and that will have to do! But then again, it's what lives in your heart that makes Christmas special, and you've got that, Gigi! Lots! :-)

  4. I'll eat your goodies. I've already eaten mine so soon I may have to walk from my house to yours just to get rid of my Christmas fudge weight. I felt that way last year, everything was the last time, this year I'm just glad she's home even if it did take two weeks for her to get around to putting that ugly angel on the tree.

  5. Cracking up- "This is Christmas and You WILL like it!" Me too.

  6. I put up Christmas lights in our apartment, strung them around the bookcase and top of the television. It looks pretty. And our 4ft tree is there in all it's glory. I told Derek we needed to move somewhere that we could have a normal sized tree.

  7. My wife dragged me kicking and screaming into Christmas. Too many lights and decorations and presents... Then we did something odd. We tuned the TV to a channel simply featuring a burning fireplace (we couldn't use our real one - too many decorations draped all over it), turned on some gentle Christmas music and just stared at the flickering flames. It locked me in.

  8. Thank God this isn't Firstborn's last year because I don't plan on putting up a tree. I agree, make Man Child's last Christmas a special one he'll remember.