December 12, 2011

What can I say about today.....ummm, it was crazy?

Today was one of those INSANE days from start to finish.  You know, the ones that only seem to happen at the end of the year when everyone is trying to cram everything in and get it all done before the holidays and the vacations start.


Add in the fact that I was off last Friday and plan to be off this Friday (until the first of the new year) and then you get the level of craziness that today was.

Also throw in the fact that it was a Monday (which is always a dicey day - always.  It never fails, Mondays are ALWAYS insane).

Needless to say, I was happy to see the back-end of this day.  Until I arrived home.

Where the madness then continued.

Upon walking into the garage (which is basically our family's main entrance) I discovered that the Christmas present I had ordered online for Hubby had arrived.

In it's original packaging.

In case you didn't catch that, let me reiterate.

The microwave I'd ordered for my husband, as a Christmas present (because ours died) arrived.  IN IT'S ORIGINAL PACKAGING.

Despite the fact that I'd clicked the "it's a gift" button.  It was now obvious, that the surprise was no longer a surprise.

Although he and Man-Child had figured if they left it in the garage I might somehow believe that Hubby had never seen it.  Even though it was two steps from the know, the MAIN door we use to enter our house.

Needless to say, I entered the house with less than merry words.

Despite the fact that I clicked the "it's a gift" button - can you explain to me, in a way that might make any kind of sense, just why in the hell a company would send a package - in it's original packaging - with pictures and a description all over it to be left at someone's front door?  Isn't that just like BEGGING someone to steal said package?

Luckily, Hubby was home when the package arrived.  But heeding the warning that Man-Child had given him about the possibility of a package arriving and not looking at it or opening it - he didn't answer the door.  He figured the delivery-person would leave the package at the front door (as they normally would).

Instead, he informed me, he heard a door opening and closing.  So he went to investigate.

Apparently, our delivery-person realized that the microwave (IN IT'S ORIGINAL PACKAGING) would most likely be swiped off our front porch; and so went looking for a place to "hide" the package.  In his/her endeavors, they discovered the side garage door to be unlocked and placed the package there for safe keeping.

So now Hubby's surprise has been ruined.  But I can say he is very happy with his gift.

I can also say UPS is awesome for "hiding" the gift.  They went above and beyond.  And as for the "company?"  I can honestly say, I will most likely never order from you again.....especially if you don't respond to the email complaint I sent tonight.


  1. This is why we should only buy things for ourselves for Christmas. If everyone is going to ruin the suprise just buy it yourself and get it out of the way.

  2. Last year when I bought Derek an iPod Touch, I hid it in my underwear drawer. That's a bad idea seeing as Derek does the laundry and puts away the clothes. He knew for a full three weeks before hand and didn't say anything so I would think he was surprised.

  3. Awe geeze, that stinks!

    On the other hand, nice vacation you've got coming!

  4. Kudos to the UPS guy. Now, let's hope that puppy works!

  5. I like your UPS guy better than the one that showed up at my house two weeks ago -- while I was home, I might add. I was waiting for the package, checking the door every 15 minutes or so -- and on the last check, there was the sticky note saying he'd been there and I could pick it up! What the --????

    Sometimes the conveniences get really inconvenient. :-)


  6. Your delivery guy is cool. He was thinking ahead. I do feel bad when surprises are ruined like that. We just buy our own gifts, I have had way too many things my hubby had to pretend to like and never used. Now we agree to buy our own.

    One couple I know buys their own gifts and wraps them up, put them under the tree and open them on Christmas. :-)

  7. You got lucky with your UPS driver....most of them dont think that far ahead.

  8. One good thing about this is the fact your husband already knew who Santa Claus was. If he didn't, THEN you'd have something to be upset about!


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