December 4, 2011

Okay, NOW we can mention the "C" word....I guess

Here we are folks; it's December.  You know what that means.....Christmas is right around the corner! Yikes!

Never mind the fact that you aren't "feeling" it right now (and by "you" I mean me!). I've had my head stuck in the sand for far too long and now it's time to rally around and "git 'er done."

At the very least I was going to get the tree up this weekend.  Maybe not decorated, but at least up. Ummm, yeah.  That didn't happen.

I am patting myself on the back though for getting the majority of my shopping done.  Which, I might add, is a minor miracle considering that usually I begin my Christmas lists in October (or earlier) but since I've been walking around with my head stuck in the sand (I know - it doesn't make sense, just go with it) I have put off any thoughts of Christmas; and as such, nothing has been done.  And then Thanksgiving struck and the reality came crashing down.  So, at least I'm headed in the right direction now.

Is it me? Or does it seem like this year has flown by especially fast?  I mean I could swear that it was only April last week....

With any luck, I'll actually get the tree up and decorated next week...maybe that will get the old Christmas spirit flowing....which would be nice.  It's awfully exhausting being Grinch-like.  I really need some of that Whoville vibe going on over here; any idea where I can get some of that?  

Now, if I could just figure out what to get The Man Who Needs Nothing (aka Hubby)...

How's your Christmas prep going?


  1. I think it's the last year your baby is still a child that brings this flying by sense. I was that way last year. This year, I'm on it!

  2. You need my Nolan to get in the Christmas spirit. The boy loves EVERYTHING about Christmas and plugs in our tree the minute he wakes up in the morning and then again as soon as he gets off the bus in the afternoon. Life is good for him right now.

    I wish I could do all my shopping at one time. Unfortunately the money is not there to do it. I suppose it'll all get done before Christmas day so that is all that matters.

  3. PS- I'm tired of being the fixer too. We should get together and fix ourselves some drinks....

  4. I sure like not having to do anything but what I feel like, with nobody expecting anything, all that I DO accomplish is really appreciated! You couldn't be much of a Grinch if you tried, Gigi! :-)

  5. I was thinking the same thing the other day...that the year just flew by. I think it's a factor of age. The older one is, it faster the year passes by.

    I'm not really in Christmas mode either. We've got a lot of shopping done but more to go. The tree and 'stuff' will be hauled of the dungeon next weekend. I live for such excitement! (sarcasm)

  6. Oh you are so far ahead of me!! I was going to start my shopping tomorrow but my sister called and asked me to look after her brand new babe. How could I pass that up?

  7. Wish I could give you some of my Christmas spirit...but I aint' got none Honey! I'm tired, broke, and Christmas just means more work. Let's go back on Twitter and see if we can trend #thegrinch.

  8. I try not to mentions the C-word.

    I try not to do any C-word preparation.

    I try not to get into the C-word spirit.

    I try.

    I really, really try!

    But my wife always has other ideas!


  9. If I could just get Christmas to fly right past me, I'd be okay with it. The rest of the year certainly has!

  10. so kids done apart from one toy for Bel! Neb's brothers g/f done. Everyone else including my family - umm... ah well there's always next week!!

    I don't yet feel Christmassy but once the tree goes up (am trying to get a real one this year!) and the kids decorate it - it'll be fine, hopefully - or if not I won't feel it until the stocking debate on xmas eve!


  11. I pushed some order buttons on Amazon for my Christmas shopping. I am exhausted. Time for a snack.

  12. With a sick father and no money, I am feeling very un-Christmasy this year. Lets get drunk.

  13. I am currently in Christmas denial. I am pretending it is some fictional month right not. Octember. Or maybe Manuary. I like Manuary. I think I'll spend the rest of the day inventing a holiday for it.

    Happy Manuary!

  14. I actually had a different "C" word in mind when I clicked this link. I like you, so I still read it even when I found out it was about Christmas.