July 27, 2012

Eleven days and counting.......

Remember how I mentioned that my lazy susan cabinet, where Hubby keeps all his crap spices, broke way back on July 16th?  Right AFTER I'd cleaned all my counter tops off?

July 16, 2012

The following day my husband removed EVERYTHING from the cabinet and deposited it on the dining room table while he attempted to fix the cabinet.

Mid-repair job (a half ass repair job if you ask me, since he claims that the movable parts can't be fixed without taking out all the other cabinets.  He may be telling the truth, but I'm still not buying it - since his repair job will pretty much render the cabinet useless.) his drill broke.  Of COURSE it did.  That's the way it always goes.

Two days later, I sent Julie a text.....

July 19, 2012*

With the caption "How many days later? *sigh*"

I think this text came about because I told her I should totally steal her Luggage/Gate Watch idea.  Too bad you can't get to the original Luggage Watch posts....it was EPIC!  (How many days DID that luggage sit there, Julie?)

Julie, being Julie, laughed and told me she thought I SHOULD do a Watch post - because she's sweet like that.

I kind of shrugged it off and went on with the business of every day life.  Until this morning.

This morning it dawned on me.  The stuff from the cabinet is STILL sitting on my dining room table.....

July 27, 2012.  Yes, all that was in the one cabinet.  Don't ask me how.

EIGHT days later (eleven, if you count from the time the stupid cabinet broke in the first place)!!!

Now granted, our dining room table is pretty much only used for bill paying, homework, computer storage and not actual eating; usually, but still....

It should also be noted that you can easily see this mess from the front door should someone actually, you know, venture up to the front door in the first place.

I realize we are not currently in a position to run out and replace the drill (which, by the way, is only about a year old in the first place!  Don't tell me to take it back - I already tried that.  Apparently, not only did he NOT keep the receipt, he can't remember WHERE he got it from in the first place! Men!) especially since college costs are eating us ALIVE right now (speaking of which - anyone have a good laptop they aren't using and willing to donate to a poor, but deserving, freshman?) but seriously, how hard IS it to borrow a drill for the half hour (tops) it would take to render the cabinet useless finish the job?

So it's official.....Spice Watch 2012 is ON!  And now matter how much it pains me, while this plays out I will do my damnedest NOT to say a word to him about those spices littering my table.

But, I must admit, he HAS been keeping my counter tops relatively clutter free these days.

*My phone completely and totally takes the blame for the poor quality of the pictures.  Obviously, I had nothing to do with them!


  1. Oh, Lord. How long will it be? I suspect it won't be over tomorrow, or even the next day... but I can have a chuckle or two in the meantime.

  2. I rearranged the bedroom the other day to see if I would like the bed better under the windows (I didn't by the way) and I can no longer see Tony's pile of dirty laundry. Since I am not a maid, I don't throw them in the hamper and they do not get washed. I think he went two weeks without noticing....


    We should totally do a "watch" of things around the house... I could start with Tony's dirty clothes and Youngest's clean ones that he is given daily to put away.

  3. If I were fortunate enough to have a corner, lazy susan cabinet, which I don't, and if it stopped functioning, it would end up being loaded with things that don't need daily access. Everyone has those kinds of things. The spices would end up in a cabinet over the counter closest to the stove, or food prep area, on a store bought lazy susan that didn't require installing. (They do make them for cabinets) They would not be sitting on the table... BECAUSE THE TABLE IS ALREADY FULL OF TOO MUCH OTHER BS THAT SHOULDN'T BE THERE, so there wouldn't be any room! Same with the counter tops. BS everywhere.

  4. First off, I need to figure out how to fix my links. After my URL changed things got weird.

    Secondly, I am totally grinning. Big and wide. Can you see me? If you can't beat 'em, at least have a little fun with 'em and make it all blog worthy. Makes life more fun, right?!

    By the way, Chris caught on to Gate Watch very quickly and took care of the problem. So I lost my blogging material BUT the issue was taken care of. I think this will be my chosen method for a Honey-Do list from this point forward.

  5. And what beautiful counter tops you have!!! And go to Home Depot, I'm pretty sure you can rent a drill for cheap. I hear ya Girlfriend. Wayne took off my kitchen cabinet doors to revarnish them...7 months ago! They are still sitting in the living room beside to couch. He says he'll finish them but right now, "he's tired"....ummm...when is he going to be untired? Can't wait to hear how long Spice Watch 2012 will last. For sure until after the Olympics.

  6. Glad you can't see my home repair jobs. I started taking closets out a year and a half ago. I still can't use my bedroom.

  7. I have a kitchen that has needed painting for the last 4years. OH accidentally set the grill on fire and it is still (ceilings) covered in ash!

    In our uni, students can get discounts on laptops - just something to ask about or maybe if you know of any companies getting rid of old stock!