July 7, 2012

Something that made me laugh....a lot

The other day the whole family was driving through a small town when we came across this sign.....

It made me laugh so much that I had to go back (TWICE) to try and capture a clear picture (while trying not to look like a nut who was taking pictures of a random sign - I have to say, in that regard I failed completely).

The part that REALLY had me in stitches??

"We Know the Difference"

Yes, I am easily amused.

For those of you that are too young to have ever heard the expression slyly hinted at in the sign - you can find edification here and here.  Although, I must admit, even though I'd heard this colorful expression as a child I had no idea what Shinola was until I Googled it just now....now the phrase makes perfect sense....and I will probably be using it often since I seem to be surrounded by people who don't know the difference.

And for the record?  The property they are attempting to sell.....definitely not Shinola.


  1. I know I'm older than you, how come this means nothing to me...aaah crap, now I have to google it. This means I have to spend even more time on the computer...sigh...woah is me, always shackled to my keyboard :)

  2. I must be to young to "get it" because even though I went to those links I still don't understand what is funny. *sigh* Sorry Gigi.

  3. I get it... and I'm a fabulous 37. So everyone else just isn't as hip as us... I guess the other saying is also true...

    "Those who laugh last, think slower."


  4. Yep, it's an old shoe brand: Shinola, that looked a lot like, well, feces. "Doesn't know shit from Shinola" was the phrase I always heard as a kid... :-) And yeah, I know the difference too.

  5. I get it--cuz I am so cool! I have missed you, Gigi. Life has been nuts around here but I hope to get back to maniacal blogging soon.

  6. I get it and I love that the company is fabulous enough to have fun with their name. I'd buy property from them, if I was looking, just for their sense of humor, alone.

  7. that is completely hilarious. Especially the last line!

  8. that is Hilarious.....
    "we know the difference"


  9. LOL! Thanks for leaving the edification links because I've never heard the phrase before. Hilarious and yes, I can imagine you using the phrase. For some reason, it just fits you! LOL!

  10. I'm so glad you went back for the picture!!

  11. Opps wasn't done. Funny how everything can turn into a blog worthy moment:)

  12. I got it! Ha Ha Ha. I would have stopped to get a photo of that too!


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