July 4, 2012

Randomness.....just because...and (or maybe because) it's HOT

It's hot.  Actually, it's beyond hot.  It's HOLY-HELL-WHEN-DID-I-MOVE-BACK-TO-TEXAS? hot.  And, according to the nontrustworthy weatherman, excuse me.... meteorologist, the heat isn't expected to break until early next week.  I may not make it, just so you know.

Everything is wilted.  Even the inside plants......well, that may be because someone has forgotten to water them regularly lately.....I'll need to have a chat with her; the inertia-inspired heat is NO reason to neglect the indoor flora.

The "Boy" is in a snit.  (Yes, he has been demoted from Man-Child to the Boy - you don't get he benefit of any terminology with the word "Man" in it when you are acting like a petulant two year old).  He refuses to give a reason or, for that matter, even admit that he's in a mood.  But I think I can guess.  All of his friends are out of town - off doing something fun.  And here he is.  With us.  His parents.  In a word?  He's BORED (and probably HOT).  Let this be a lesson to you (if you are still young enough to do something about it) have more than one child.  Apparently, they can benefit from having a sibling to torment keep them entertained, since as parents you are no longer as amusing or fun as you used to be back when he was two and wanted to be with you every minute of every day.

I'm officially on vacation.  Yay!  Emmm....not so much.  There really isn't anything to do (other than housework) and did I mention that it's HOT?

One of my friends is currently insane (maybe it's just the heat and she'll be fine next week?).  I'm hoping we can pull her back from the brink....but I'm beginning to wonder.  I don't need this kind of drama - there is enough for me to worry about without adding her to the list.

Hubby has just informed me that I "glare" at him (and the food) every time I ask him what he is making.  This is untrue.  He has also informed me that since I gave his pork roast the "evil eye" that it isn't cooking properly.  According to him, he has made this particular recipe many, many times without issue.....until I "glared" at it.  Personally, I think the unforgivable heat has gone to his head.

Oh, and did I mention?

It's HOT!


  1. Yes it IS HOT! If I had a brain, I'm sure it would be greatly effected by the heat. Even in my brainlessness, I'm staying inside, in the AC, away from the heat and skeeters. I did my outdoorsy do last weekend and that was more than enough for me.

    Stay cool!

  2. It's crazy making heat, that's for sure!! And for the record, having a sibling only really gives them someone to squabble with. So imagine that attitude MC has going, and then add in bickering. Yeah - I rest my case.

    My plants are looking sad and pathetic too. Even my indoors ones. Because, just like you, I keep forgetting to water them. This heat just makes me want to lie still on the couch and read a book. I don't have ANY energy. Blah.

    Also, I'm also dealing with a friend who seems to be losing her mind. And the drama...oh yeah.

    Misery loves company, right? *sigh*

  3. Well, probably the only good thing from this heat is that your post is HOT! :-)

  4. Teach me the way of the evil glare~
    I had it once, but it seems to have lost all effectiveness....
    I feel so impotent...
    Im sorry its so hot.
    Could be raining.

  5. You could send the heat over here! Could really do with some non rain! And I have promised I will not complain about it!


  6. LOL The hot does make everything a little more rant worthy! And yuo are right about having at least two kids, so glad I did so they can entertain each other and give me a little peace!

  7. Hot here too, not as hot as doen there, but hot. And humid. it's giving me bad hair = making me cranky.

  8. Sorry the TX heat is invading your space. It is putrid and disgusting. The Boy's behavior- that is so when it is time for him to go you can say goodbye and walk away with losing your sanity.

  9. Extreme heat has been known to fry the brain just a tad bit. I can't believe you stripped MC from his blog name. I don't like the "boy" referral one bit! He's always been MC to me! lol Doesn't the C in MC fit how he was acting - like a child, right?

    It's hot in Florida also, but of course Texans have to impress everyone and always do things bigger and better, so enjoy your heat! (tee-hee)