August 29, 2012

A peek into married life after the chick has abandoned the nest....

The following conversation seriously just happened.....


Me (while pouring a glass of WELL deserved wine after particularly hellacious week): "How do you know when a bone is broken?"

Him: *quizzical look*

Me (holding up my elbow and pointing to the remaining evidence from ten days ago):

Him:  "Your elbow is NOT broken."

Me:  "Are you sure?  Because I just laid it on the table and almost passed out from the pain."

Him:  "I'm sure." (exasperated look)

Me:  "Do you think it could be chipped?"

Him:  "Probably - but that's not a big deal."

Me:  "Yeah, since it's not YOUR elbow...."

Him (scratching at the back of his neck): "I think something bit me."  (Bending over to show me)

Me (inspecting said area): "Hmmmmm......meh.  It's nothing."

Him:  "What?  Just because I didn't give you sympathy for your elbow?!"

Me:  What?!  No!  It's nothing.....really.  Just a little bump.  Nothing serious.  You know, nothing serious like say, a broken elbow...." (walking out the door to the back porch).

The blog fodder may not have completely dried up since MC went on his merry way after all.  There is still Hubby.....


  1. Girl, get thyself to the doctor! You need to blog more of this empty nest stuff. I have been wondering what Chris and I will do when the time comes.

  2. Still that sore after 10 days? Hmmmm? Might want to get that checked. I might have told hubby that bump looks like a SERIOUS spider bite, just for meanness. (however, it's possible I'm meaner than you)

  3. Yip. I so know this conversation, only ours went something like this...

    I'm sick.
    I think I have west nile virus (I show him the symptoms)
    Laughs* You don't have Triple E.

    (After calling the doctor's office)

    So what did she say?
    She said I likely have west nile.

    Yup. And yet I was still going to work, doing laundry, and tending to the kids that are still at home. Good times, good times.

    Now get yourself to the doctor.

  4. Yes, I echo your other comments: get to the doctor and have it looked at! Passing out from pain is never ever a good idea. :-)