August 6, 2012

Just Another Manic Monday.....or.....Meetings from hell + eyestrain + missing my "voice" = exhaustion.

It has come to my attention that some people in my department absolutely love meetings.  They LIVE for them because it makes them look important....or busy....or something.....

They even have meetings about scheduling meetings....SERIOUSLY!

Really, an intervention needs to occur and a 12-Step program should be put into place immediately.  I'll send a memo to Human Resources ASAP.

Me?  I don't "do" meetings.  Of course, I can schedule them all day long.  I don't have a problem with that, but to actually attend one?  Not something that I aspire to.

As you may have surmised about me from what you read here I'm not really a "people" person (quit snickering.  It's true!).  If you have something that you need from me ask me directly or even better yet, send me an email.  Do not ask me to attend a meeting, where I might be called upon to speak.  This WILL NOT happen.

I don't care if I HAVE worked with the majority of the people in attendance for more than ten years.  I will have nothing to say.

Well, that's not quite true.  I WILL have something to say - I just probably won't voice it.

My most favoritest boss ever knew this about me.  And if I was forced into a meeting she usually did most of the talking.  And always included what I happened to be thinking into her train of thought.  She was good like that.

But now she's gone.  My voice is gone.

She tried to prepare me, I can now see, by forcing me to attend some meetings that I didn't want/need to attend in advance of her departure - before she actually told me she was leaving.

But because we couldn't wrap up this one project before she left, I was forced to attend a TWO HOUR long meeting today.  One that is squared centrally around me and the work that I do.  The results of which mean at least three, or knowing these guys - most likely ten - more meetings before all is said and done.

It was torture I tell you.  Pure torture.

To add to the fun and excitement - as I am prone to do, I sat at the far end of the conference room.  This resulted in me not being able to actually SEE the demo that was up on the big, gigantic screen.  Which then resulted in the severe eye strain and momentous headache that I am still experiencing 3 1/2 hours later....and most likely explains this glass of wine that currently sits at my elbow.....

Why yes, I do like ice in my wine - it keeps it cold here in the sweltering weather.  And, for the record, that book?    Buried Prey by John Sanford?  TOTALLY worth the read - I promise. 

This also makes me question my handsome eye doctor's wisdom in not upping my contact prescription on my last visit.  His excuse?  That if he did it would actually weaken my eyes and that I'd probably need readers in addition to the contacts.

At this point?  I don't care.  Bring the readers on.  I understand that you can get some hip and fun frames these days.

And just for the record, whenever I become Queen of the World (which I expect to happen ANY DAY now) meetings will be abolished.  All my directives will come via email.  Be prepared.


  1. Well... you could sure do a bang up job on the email, instead of the meeting! After all this time, I didn't know you weren't a people/speaking person! I'm a tad bit shocked and surprised. (I must have missed that meeting... er... memo)

  2. I hate meetings too. I only go to one a year for sub training every summer, but I get soooooo irritated with the people in the meeting who feel the need to talk and say stupid stuff that just drags the meeting on longer than necessary. No, we will NOT get a key to the school so we can access it from the playground. No, we will NOT get a raise. No, you may NOT access the internet from school computers. No, you may NOT add students to your friend's list on FB. Yes, you DO have to follow the teacher's lesson plans. Seriously people, you're just a SUB. Go in and follow the teacher's plans for 7 hours and go home. That's all you're paid for and that's all that is expected of you. Geesh.

  3. Meetings suck the life out of anybody. It's what they are made for, isn't it? To keep people from being productive? :-)

  4. Ugh, I het our meetins because the boss talks in circles, reiterates over and over- and I try not to get caught rolling my eyes. I sit and stew and wonder how they can all be so- cough cough- stupid. She LOVES meetings. She had one yesterday, not only on my day off by right after vacation andwho knew if I'd even be home- so she had my supervisor call to see if I was coming. NOPE. And, what's more, she wanted to talk about a particular task that's done hospital wide already... but how can we come up with a consistent way to do it. Nothing like reinventiing the wheel... shoot me.

    PS- go get readers silly.

  5. Poor Gigi,

    I HATE meetings....its an excuse for people to pontificate, and pretend intelligence.
    I put ice in my wine all the time...sometimes in beer too..(shhh dont tell anyone)
    I most definitely prefer emails to actual conversation. That way they cant see the faces I make or the eye rolling I do...and there is a written record of what has happened....

  6. I wouldn't be a fan of meetings either. I'd probably space out and think of other things.

  7. I too hate meetings. Thankfully mine are usually cancelled. ;)

    I love John Sandford's 'Prey' series and Lucas Davenport.

  8. Holy hell, a two-hour meeting? Hate the things...

    No worries about readers, Gigi. You have the face shape for them. Just think of them as accessories. You'll be adorable.


  9. Noooooooo! I have to go back to work next week and guess what I will have a lot of? Meetings! Bleech!

  10. I'm scared to go to the eye doctor's. I'm pretty sure I'll be declared legally blind (currently my vision is -10).
    As for meetings, I think I'd like them, but mostly because I imagine they'd have muffins there, right?