August 21, 2012

Right from the top of my head.....really

These are just a few of the thoughts that have been percolating in my brain today.  Lots of fluff.  Enough that if I gave any effort at all might have had posts dedicated to each one; but I'm just not in that frame of mind to put much thought into anything so here goes nothing.....

*  The basketball shorts/knee length black wool socks/sandals wearing guy.....WHY?  Do you not realize just how utterly ridiculous you look?  You DO realize that the "cool" guy you are emulating only wore that outfit ONCE just to see how many idiots he could get to wear that combo.  He was smart enough to realize that no girl would actually want to be seen in public with someone wearing this get up.  Wake up and smell the coffee kid, you've been had.

*One of the things that I am relishing about MC being away at college is the ability to use the "big" laptop whenever I want!  When he was home (before he got the laptop required for school), I mainly used the notebook because he hogged the big one.  I don't mind using the notebook, in fact I love it for it's portability and it's cute factor.   But the big laptop, with it's very generous screen, gives these aging eyes me a VERY clear look at your blogs and all the pictures.  I love it.

*The only other thing that I am relishing about MC being away - his bedroom and his bathroom are now totally spotless.  Really.  I can go in there and not freak out about what kind of animal might be trying to find it's way to our room freedom.

*I stopped at the drugstore (again) today to buy my very favorite eye shadow (L'Oreal #812 Smooth Latte) - only to discover that (again) they don't have it.  This is like the millionth time I've tried to get it; only to be denied.  I kid you not, this shadow is perfect for me.  PERFECT I tell you!  I'm living in fear that it has been discontinued.  I bought something else, but even before I try it I know it won't be a good replacement.  And this makes me sad.

*I wonder what in the hell is the purpose of spam comments.  I mean, I kinda get it.  Click the link and you either get a virus/porn/insert-whatever-evil-intent here.  But c'mon already.  Most of us bloggers are savvy enough to know to ignore you - and you still are.  Go away.

*To have missed MC so much today that I actually tweeted this.....

The only real communication I've had from him was on Friday.  I did hear from him on Saturday....but that's only because I told him to call me once he received his power cord.  Since then I have done my level best to keep pestering him.  I know he needs to "grow" and "experience" and "learn to be independent."  I KNOW. But still....I miss my boy.

And then?  The utter joy when I received a totally, unsolicited call from him this evening.  He's doing well.  He seems to love it.  And?  He's even eating his fruits and veggies.....or so he claims.  And he then informed me that one of his professors spent nine years in prison for growing pot.....REALLY?!

*I've wondered about the new guy.  I still like him.  He still seems nice.  But I have to wonder if he's got the spine that is needed in this particular position.  In our environment, the litigators seem to get away with murder; while the business side is considered "not so important."  I may have to clue him in to a few things.....such as I don't care if it IS budget time and you are being asked to cut, cut, cut.  That is ONLY because the more YOU cut the more the litigators get to keep. *sigh*  It ain't easy training new people.

So what about you?  What bits of fluff can be found floating around in your brain?


  1. Seems every time I find something I can use, they discontinue it. Can't tell you how many times that's happened.

    Nine years in prison? That's encouraging... NOT.

    Train that new guy, while you have the chance and hope the training sticks!

  2. fluff from my brain includes
    - would it be ok to smack a work colleague across the face and telling her to get with it!! (bad day!)
    - marshmallows are 0% fat so can I eat them all day!
    - why did I have to come back to work!


    See told you MC will be OK, the fruit thing may be true (coz OJ counts as fruit)

    And I totally get the spammers, why are we getting so many and duh am not going to click the link!!

  3. My current bit of fluff involves a particular co-worker who seems to delight in knowing nothing. Everything is a question for her, quite often the same questions, over and over...

    It's still wrong to cuff someone about the head in the workplace, isn't it? Because if that were to change, I would know what I was doing just before lunch. :-)


  4. Did he text you by now? I hope you hear from him!

  5. They hired a professor with a felony charge? I didn't think that was allowed. What a great influence to young, impressionable minds. Surely he was joking. I hope?!

  6. My fluff is poisonous at the moment - think I might need to blog about it and get it off my chest! Glad he finally made contact....boys...who'd have them!

  7. Ok, I hate to be the one to defend black-sock-wearing-sandal-guy, but one day, because I was in a hurry, I was wearing socks, and didn't feel like taking them off before inserting my feet into my sandals, and well, I just have to say, it was really comfortable. But yes. I looked ridiculous. But I was so comfortable...

  8. OK, so now I'm curious about the "required" much is THAT going to set me back? Really, you need to give me a head's up on all this stuff because I'm completely clueless.

    As for the clean room/bathroom, I have to admit that that is the ONE thing I'm really looking forward to! I've gotten to where I don't even walk into his room. I just don't even want to know. It's just easier on all of us if I live in ignorance!