August 19, 2012

Gigi's Day Out.....

Since we dropped our one and only off on Friday, we've been kind of bumbling around the house wondering what to do while we wait, wondering when he is coming home.  At one point, we found ourselves standing silently in the kitchen eating chips and guacamole while staring into space....I kid you not.

Yeah, it still hasn't completely sunk in yet.  I think it will take awhile.  Currently, it feels like he is just out for the weekend with his buddies and should be home any minute now......

At any rate today we decided to do something.  Anything.  So I suggested going to the movies.  This is not something Hubby and I do together....ever.  He is not a huge fan of the theater experience (he complains on and on about the cost which totally ruins the experience for me) and our tastes aren't exactly alike.  So all the chick-flicks were out.  And the sophomoric humor, shoot 'em up, car chase type movies that I might be willing to sit through weren't interesting enough for him.

So he offered up the alternative of bowling.  I thought about it for about a nano-second and then agreed.  But first I had to change into jeans.  Because believe me, I was not about to try and bowl in a skirt.  Besides, honestly?  A skirt with those shoes?  NOT a good look.  

On the way there, I trash talked him.  I told him how I was going to totally kick his butt, etc.  You know, all the stuff you pick up when you live in a household full of men and you are just a little bit competitive....

Until my phone rang.  Surprisingly, I answered it for once.  Then I morphed from trash talking to trying to ease my friend's fears about her son starting kindergarten in two weeks.  Until I hung up.  Then the trash talking re-commenced.  Besides, that little guy?  He is TOTALLY ready to rock kindergarten.  And between you and me?  I trash talk WAY better than I bowl so I had to try and psych him out before we got there.

Upon arriving at the bowling alley we noticed that there were only a handful of patrons.  Which was fine by me.  It's too easy to get distracted when the alley is full and I really don't need an audience to witness my "skillz" when it comes to bowling.

We picked up our "lovely" red, white and blue shoes and hit our lane.  I went first.  I picked up my ball and held the proper stance.  I eyed up the lane and away I went.  Ready for my first strike.  What can I say?  I live with the optimism that I can hit one out of the park every once in a while.

As I came up to line and started to let go of the ball, I began to slide on the waxed floor and then my feet slid across the line and hit the even waxier part of the floor and then?

Then I was airborne.

According to Hubby, my legs went out from under me, I was flying into the air and landing flat on my back in under a second.

As I struggled to a sitting position, I put my hand to my head - which apparently, really freaked him out for a minute as he thought I'd slammed my head into the floor.  I hadn't.  But it had happened so fast that I didn't realize what HAD actually happened so I was just checking to make sure everything was where it should be.  Brains still in head?  Check.

As Hubby and another gentleman rushed to my side to make sure I was okay, Hubby's phone started ringing as he was sliding in the alley trying to get me up.  I remember wondering (hoping) that it was Man-Child calling.  It wasn't.  Apparently, I LITERALLY "butt-dialed" my husband when I landed.  Note to self: remove phone from back pocket when bowling.  Considering how hard I landed, it's a miracle I didn't break the darn thing!

At any rate, other than a very small, yet already colorful bruise on my elbow I seem to have weathered the mishap okay (until tomorrow.  Then I'm sure I will feel every inch of the pain from that SPECTACULAR landing).  Once it was over - both the fall and the embarrassment - we laughed until we cried.  And have continued to do so every time it's been mentioned.

Maybe we will get through this transition okay.....if I live through it that is.  Now excuse me, while I go and pop some ibuprofen and take a hot bath.


  1. I've been trying to convince to take me to see the new Meryl Streep movie (Hope Springs). We did successfully screw up supper together which resulted in having McDonald's for supper.

    It's the small things that keep you together.

    Like falling on your ass while bowling. ;)

  2. I went to see the new Meryl Streep movie and wasn't all that impressed. Go see something else first, okay? Oh, the things we go through to get our minds off of what is really happening in our lives. I do hope you will recover from that spectacular fall! :-)

  3. We could totally go bowling together, have someone video tape it... send it to America's Funniest Videos and make millions.


    At some point I will get around to posting about our bike excursion to Martha's Vineyard... read it when it posts, you'll feel so much better about your butt plant. :)

  4. OMG!!! Can't comment... laughing too hard!

  5. I am so glad y'all are laughing because as soon as you said you butt-dialed him I started cracking up. Bwhahahahahahaha. Oh Gigi, I can see it all...the WHOLE thing. Bwhahahahahahaha!

  6. Glad to hear you are laughing!!!!!!!!!! Amd seriously, I'd PAY to see that photo!! Enjoy your new life- you'll get the hang of it. But no more bowling... no yet anyway!!

  7. Must be so hard when you only have the one xx

  8. I wanna go bowling with you! We would have so much fun that our kids would come back home just to enjoy the fun!

  9. LOVE the part about you butt-dialing your husband. That is just so perfect. :) I'm glad you're okay, though.