September 28, 2012

It's gonna be a long, quiet weekend around here.....for you

I am totally knackered.

Am I allowed to say that even though I'm not from the UK?  Well, whatever, I'm using it because it expresses perfectly how wiped out I am before I even begin all the insanity that this weekend will bring.

If you follow me on Twitter, you may have seen this....

Let me backtrack.  It all began a week or two ago, when she called for some reason or another and we were chatting.  She was telling me about her new venture and mentioned how much she missed having her secret weapon (me) around to do research for her.  Apparently, the person she was using on an intermittent basis wasn't very thorough or fast enough for her.  I mentioned that all she had to do was ask and that I'd help her out in any way I could.  And the conversation moved on.  Basically, she's happy and doesn't miss us enough to come back.  *sigh*

Fast forward to three days ago, when she called again.  This time she came asking if I could help her.  She offered cash.  I agreed.  Although, to be completely truthful, even if she hadn't offered cash I would have still helped her out.  I love working with her and I've always considered her a friend.

It's not heavy lifting by any stretch of the imagination, but it's exhaustive.  And we are on a deadline.  I've been working on it where I can and I'm frustrated that my real job is taking time away from working on her project.  Which means that her project is cutting into my "blog time."

And then my boy, my beautiful Man-Child decided to come home this weekend to celebrate his birthday a few days early and wants to have friends over (oh my hell - I do not have time for the housecleaning, cooking - oh wait, I don't do that part - etc. that comes from having friends over!).  This sneaky MC, informed us that he was coming, much to our delight, a few days ago.  And then he pulled a fast one on us.  He said he was coming home via the bus system that the school offers, which meant he'd get here about 9:30 tonight.  When I got home from work, around 5:30 guess who was already here?  Apparently, his roommate was coming home this weekend too and since he had to drive right by here he dropped MC off.

No one was home when he arrived.  So he called his dad.  And while talking to him, Hubby asked if he'd bought his ticket yet.  We have it set up so that we can see MC's bank account and Hubby had noticed that as of this morning there hadn't been any charges to the account*.  When MC said he hadn't, Hubby geared up to read him the riot act about how what would he do if the bus was full because of his lollygagging around.  And that's about the time that MC told him he was already home.

All of this is my roundabout way of saying that if I don't seem to be around on the 'Net so much for a bit, I hope you'll remember - it's not you, it's me.  I've got too much to do and not enough time to do it.

And if that isn't enough - I STILL haven't bought the birthday boy his gift yet. *sigh*

*For those of you with kids in high school this might be something to look into doing....go ahead and get the kid a bank account with a debit card - but have the accounts linked so that you can watch the activity (to keep them from overdrawing on the account - nobody needs that) online.  This way the kid learns how to handle "air money" vs. cash.  We did this when MC was either a sophomore or a junior (I can't remember) and it has been a great lesson that he didn't have to learn the hard way.


  1. Oh my word, Josh over-drew his bank acct soooo many times by eating off the dollar menu at McDonald's. It took a LOT of overdraft fees for him to finally figure it out. *rolling eyes*

    I understand being to busy to blog. I have been that way a long time now. I want to blog, I have things to blog about, but I have no time to do it.

  2. Sounds like you'd better get un-knackered pretty quick, it's going to be a busy weekend! Good luck!

  3. I'll be thinking of your very knackered weekend and hoping it's a good one! :-)

  4. We had a heck of a time getting Bonus Brother all set up with bank accounts since he wasn't 18 when he left for college. It's all set now, but lord only knows if he's being responsible with it. Oh, who am I kidding... that boy spends no money on anything... Tony had to bring him cold medicine when he went out there this weekend. :)

  5. Hey girl, hope you enjoy working with your old boss- and the money is always nice, right? I started my new job- stressful- you know how that goes. Hubby is working next week in W. Va. thank God... Dumpt those spices!! That'll teach him!

  6. It's a busy - and wonderful! - life. :-)


  7. You are so freakin' scares me. Thrilled that MC surprised you with a visit...please look up adoringly and tell him for me that New Yawk says "hey". The extra work sounds awesome...but we really need to figure out how to keep that pesky "real" work from getting in the way. How annoying. So, how many balls do you have in the air at this moment? Wait! Don't answer that...they'll dr--

  8. Knackered is a great word. I hope you get to rest some.

    Very smart idea on the debit card thing. I'll have to do this with my kids.

  9. LOL Busy can sometimes feel like a blessing? Hope you enjoy the crazy!