September 24, 2010

Sometimes you win-sometimes you lose, but in the end it's how you behave

Tonight marked our first loss this season.

Our boys were understandably upset.

It was a hard fought battle.  They had nothing to be ashamed of - they played valiantly and with all their hearts.

But what ticked me off more than anything (since you asked) was the opposing team's parents.  Excuse me, I don't mean to paint all of the opposing team's parents with the same brush.  No, what ticked me off was one "parent." And for that parent, the rest of this post is directed at you:

It is inexcusable to bull your way through the crowd of home team fans, bleating and gloating like an entitled cow.

Surely, had we been at your field and won - I know that our parents wouldn't act like that.  I know this because we've been in the same position as you.

Certainly your team won fair and square.  Of that there is no doubt.  But your behavior was totally obnoxious and reprehensible.  I can only hope that your son would have been embarrassed about your boorish behavior had he witnessed it.  I know mine would have been.  He would have died a thousand deaths to see me acting the way you did tonight.

You see, we have taught our children the code of "good sportsmanship."  We have taught them how to be gracious in victory.  Yes, you have every right to be happy that your team won.  No one is taking that away from you.  But your behavior leaves a lot to be desired.

Luckily, in your hurry to make your gloating known - and in your rush to get to your car (because God forbid, you be stuck in traffic) our boys missed it as they were still on the field shaking hands with the boys from your team and telling them, "good game."

Maybe, just maybe, had you seen their faces you might have realized that although these boys look like men they are still just boys.  Boys playing a game.  They played their hearts out and were devastated by the loss.

And your behavior in the parking lot.  Shameless.  Which unfortunately, our boys did witness, as did yours.

All I can say to you is this - you have no class.  And hopefully, the coaches on your son's team are teaching him the finer points of what it means to be a man.  Because you?  You aren't.


  1. Well, like I always say, If you can't be a good example, maybe you can be a warning.

    I love taking opportunities like that to say to my children, (Louder than I need to and loud enough that my voice carries... conveniently to the offending person...) "I'm so glad YOU don't act like that. I am so proud of you for having GOOD MANNERS and RESPECT. You are a real class act, son. I am proud to be your mom."

    You can always throw in a "I'm glad you don't act like a jackass" but that's for the over-13 crowd. ha ha

  2. Ain't it the truth. Some people have no class. At least he seemed to be an anomaly.

  3. This makes me so mad! All my friends son's play football and my favorite thing to do on a Saturday is root my boys on. We all know that all of those boys give all they've got and their devastated when they lose. I guess we've been fortunate, we've seen all these boys grow up in football, even the opposing teams and we are so proud of them when they will, and heartbroken for them when they lose, no matter who's team they are on.

  4. I will never understand the shocking behavior of parents at sporting events. Does not matter if it is football, skating, hockey or gymnastics, they are everywhere! So sorry you had to experience that first hand. Sigh

  5. That guy sounds like a real douchecanoe.

  6. Wow. That totally sucks. Like anyone needs to witness that on top of dealing with the natural disappointment of losing the game?

    We must strategize...(which, evidently is not a word?)...and come up with a way to handle these turds in the future. Because, unfortunately....there'll probably be more.


  7. This reminds me of a marching band contest in another city. Our band, the band my kids were in, marched and played their hearts out and won the contest. The host band stood up and cheered for our kids when the announcement came...and immediately came over to shake hands and hug.

    My daughter was so touched that when she finally got home at 2:00 a.m. sat down and wrote a letter to the host band director praising the behavior of his group. Then she continued to write pretty much an essay about what it was all about and sportsmanship and how everyone wins with a good attitude.

    Two weeks later my daughter was contacted and asked if her letter could be printed in the state Band Directors magazine. It was -- and the letter...article was picked up and published in the International Music Educators Association magazine.

    Good sportsmanship, honor and integrity creates unimaginable ripples.

    You have evoked a future blog entry about this.

  8. SOmetimes I can't even think about crap like this. My boys are still little, but I swear, where are people's manners?? How can we teach our kids the meaning of team spirit with jerks like this. It's OK to be proud, but not obnoxious. UGH.

  9. Its a very sad thing, when the kids when, but the parents lose. I cannot tell you how bad some of the parents behaved, when my son played Pop Warner football, some of them ghetto assed parents actually broke windshields, that team got kicked out of the league....I guess the parents made sure that the kids lost out on that too. Jerks. Sorry your kid had to see the scummy side of parents.

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  11. I coached middle and high school sports when I was a teacher. Basketball and Track.
    I'm AMAZED at what some parents are like.

  12. we have to sign something that says we will behave and not be rude. Some parents are unbelievable and take things soooo seriously don't they. X

  13. You are so right that it is all about how you behave!!

  14. It's always a shame when you see the kids behaving better than the parents. Old enough to know better I would say! xx

  15. Wow. It sounds like HS all over again. This is our first season in the realm of childhood sports (for me, anyway. My husband played as a kid, but I've never done any kind of organized athletics in my life) so I am truly not looking forward to people like this. I have so little patience to start with...