October 1, 2010

Happy Birthday to the best 16 year old I know.

Today is Man-Child's 16th birthday.  I was going to write a very sweet and sappy post.  Really, I was.  But life got in the way.

This post was going to be filled with pictures through the years and ramblings about what a wonderful kid he is.  Unfortunately, I put hubby in charge of the birthday gift.  Lesson learned there.

2 days old
While he had a great idea - the gift will not arrive until almost Christmas.  So guess what I spent the majority of my day doing?

7.5 months - Hey, we are from Texas! Gotta have a cowboy hat shot
Instead of perusing through my many, many albums picking out favorites to share and composing a beautiful post, I have spent my entire day off running around like a crazy woman.

8 months
And even now, that I've bought and wrapped the gift, made the cake that still needs to be decorated and have downloaded a few photos - I still don't have time to sit and write the lovely post I wanted to write.  Because now, I am racing against the clock to get this posted - because it's game night and I have to be out of here shortly.

9 months - he loved that cabinet
The past sixteen years have literally flown by.  And though there are times when I wish I could have that little guy back....

14 months - told you he loved that cabinet - he was always in it!
I am so proud of the young man that he has turned into.  He's smart, articulate and charming (for the most part).

15 years
He makes me laugh like no one else can - over the silliest things.

15 years
He's strong, athletic and very determined.

But he will always be 

My little guy.

Happy birthday buddy.

And just because I think it's really, really cool and wanted to share .... follow this link to see the boys' pre-game pump up huddle.  I tried and tried but I can't embed the video.  So to see it, click here.


  1. What a beautiful post! Happy Birthday wishes to your baby!

  2. I watched the video, they look so excited! I looked and looked for 51 but looks like he must have been on the other side.

    Happy Birthday to MC!

  3. Happy bithday to your little guy and well done to you and hubby. They don't turn out good by accident :)

  4. Well, that sixteen years must have just flown by! What a great looking young man that beautiful child grew into. Happy birthday, sweet sixteen!!!

  5. awwww, I hope he had a great day. Time flies,....sometimes wish it took double the time...others I don't ;0)
    Lovely photos....Little M enjoyed looking at them too. X

  6. Gigi, your link made me miss my kid and his Friday night games.
    They grow so fast.
    Happy birthday to your little guy.

  7. What a great post, and collection of photos!

    Congrats to you, and Happy Birthday to your "baby"!

  8. I reckon he's just as proud of you.

    Happy Birthday Man-Child.

  9. OMG....that video is hysterical!

    Happy, happy birthday, MC!

    Honey, you've got a MAN on your hands now....I could practically see the testosterone-cloud rising above them as they grunted, rocked and yelled.


  10. You have a done a great job on your post!!! Love your pictures!! Happy Birthday wishes to your son!!

  11. love those pictures. SO adorable!!

  12. Ohhh how incredibly sweet. Happy birthday to your baby:)

  13. Awww, happy birthday to your little baby! :-)

  14. I LOVED this post. Thanks for sharing.

  15. I'm so happy you couldn't find the time to write the sappy post. I don't think I could have handled reading about your baby boy. The pictures were enough and tooo cute! Thanks for an idea for Firstborn's b'day in November.

  16. LOL! I just watched the huddle video. I LOVE the huddles and often wish I could be in the huddle with them! LOL! I get soooo hyped on game day!!! GO TEAM!!!!!!

  17. Ahh, Happy Birthday little guy! I love the pictures, too!

  18. Awww, what a sweet post.

    Happy Birthday to your son!

  19. Happy birthday to your baby. He is a handsome boy. I know he has a great future ahead.

  20. Awwwww that is so beautiful! And yes they do grow up fast. Too fast if you ask me....

  21. Aww! Such a sweet baby! and handsome big guy.
    Its sad to see how fast they grow, =/
    Happy Birthday to your guy!

  22. Hey honey - what a gorgeous post...it gave me goosebumps! When I'm really mad at my two I have to pull out their memory box and gaze at pictures of them as babies and read their wonderful little notes and remind myself what gorgeous kids they really are!

    I've been off the radar for so long and just wondered how things are going with the husband - I read back a few posts but couldn't find any mention of whether he'd found a new job - hope things have picked up for you xxxx

  23. Gigi ~ Have you been to your dashboard lately?
    I read blogs I follow through my dashboard and I remember you saying you do too. Well, this am I went to my dashboard...and what I usually do is go back one or two days to check on the blogs I follow and sometimes like yours for example I click on you blog name on the left hand side. Anyway the whole thing is different now than from what it was when I went to bed last night. All the blogs I follow are listed in one long long list on the left but on the right where I could go back one or two days and even more .......it is only showing a few blogs.....like the last few hours and there is no scroll bar so that I can go back more than that. I have been googling and checking blogger but I can find anyone metion of it. Was wondering if yours is like that?? Also, I have another question about how you upload your pictures to your blog?

  24. awwww. that's awesome. They will always be your baby..even when they are 40.

  25. He was walking so early! Yikes, you had your hands full with him.

    Happy 16th Birthday! That's a big one, enjoy it but be safe out on the roads!


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