May 31, 2011

I should probably write a post so you won't think I've fallen off the face of the earth....*sigh*

No, I'm not sighing because I don't want to be in contact with you all; I'm sighing because I really don't have much to say that isn't moaning about something.  And, it seems to me, that's all I've been doing lately.


I suppose I could just post random pictures from the past week or so.....

It was a red-shoe-kind-of-day and I felt the need to share with Twitter.....

My lily was blooming and I just felt the need to take a picture.....

I was seriously contemplating these shoes; but couldn't decide which one...asked Twitter for help.  No response.  I've decided on the pewter ones and will promptly buy them next time I'm at the store - if they aren't gone....

Or, I suppose, I could tell you about Man-Child's dead battery AND the fact that it isn't positioned at the top, as most are, but rather placed in an obscure place that requires a certified mechanic to replace it (which is about three hours of his time plus the cost of the battery.....) .....AND the fact that the dead battery presented itself this morning in our mad rush to all get out of the house at once.....but no, that would be moaning and I'm not doing that in this post.  But, I guess the positive spin would be that we were still here when the discovery was made, thus not leaving Man-Child completely stranded.

Or, I could tell you about the fact that IT has been working on my computer at work since last Wednesday.  And that, at one point, we had five people squeezed into my tiny cubicle (and two on the outside looking in) trying to figure it out.  And, that by close of business today, not ONE thing has been resolved AND, in addition, to everything else wrong with it I now cannot access my EMAIL - you know, the way I actually DO my work.....but, again with the moaning.  But, I guess, the positive spin would be that I've done a minimal amount of work in the past three days (since there was a four day weekend thrown in the mix), I guess there is that.

*searching for positive things.....searching, searching.....AHA!*

In the meantime, I have read some books.  Okay, by "some" I mean, quite a few (what can I say, chores and family have been neglected A LOT lately.....).

I could tell you about them, but that would mean post after post after post about books.  Some of you might love that - others, not so much.  So I'll tell you this....if you are into suspense at all go read Harlan Coben's book, Tell No One right now!  This book is so awesome that I sat down with it early Sunday morning and pretty much read all 370 pages in one sitting.  Seriously.  I finished this book before I had to get dressed to leave for a barbecue with friends by 4:30 pm.

Eventually (maybe), I'll get around to doing a review on it - but for now?  Trust me.  It's an amazing story.  Of course, this author is one of my favorites, so I might be biased.....


  1. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Harlan Coben, and he is a NJ boy. I like the pewter shoes too.

  2. I've heard about those kind of batteries before. Thank goodness we don't have any cars with them. Texas weather likes to eat batteries for breakfast. AC, too! Don't feel bad about moaning. Everybody does it. It'll get better. Deep breath. At least there were no wrecks in this post. That's a plus!

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  4. Good choice on the shoes. ;)

  5. Oh I'd be so mad about the battery!

    Hey, if your blog is not there for whining and complaining what good is it? Get it all out girl!

    I'm not a suspense book person. Too stressful for me. Although I'm reading all the Harry Potter books right now and they are all suspense. *sigh*

  6. Reading is good.

    Moan until you don't feel like moaning anymore. And then write about it. :-)


  7. I hope my battery never dies because once, I looked under the hood, and there is nothing in there, just tupperware. Someone told me they think the battery is in the trunk. Yeah, that's where it goes.

  8. I love the shoes you are going to get. I would have picked pewter just because that is a cool word : ). Your red shoes are cool too. I am so sorry about the battery! That is crazy about it being in an obscure place? What car would do that? A foreign one?

  9. Those are some HAPPY HAPPY shoes...

  10. I had a hard time tearing myself away from the super cute red shoes!

  11. I just finished "Born to Run" yesterday and really loved it. Now I'm on the hunt for a new book but I also am not one of those suspense novel people. I read one Harlan Coben book and that was enough... Thank goodness we are not all alike!

    It's okay to be grumpy now and then, I think! :-)

  12. those shoes look positively PINK ... LOL!
    The Lord says - Cast your cares on Me b'c I CARE for you ... 1 Peter 5:7 - now go do it ... LOL! I have probs with that one too - why do you THINK I'm here ...

  13. Am loving those red shoes Gigi - I could do with a pair to put a bit of colour back into my life!

  14. Sometime its good to get all that "bad" out! LOL Sorry to hear about the car battery:( AND go buy those shoes! Retail therapy always helps!

  15. Love the red shoes!! the pewter ones too!! Can't wait until I'm off so I can read and post more!

  16. Jeez,'ve had quite a string of bad luck recently...I will officially stop the moaning at MY blog now...

    Don't fret, stuff will sort itself out and you be amusing us per usual!

  17. Loving the shoes!!!! and definitely go for the pewter x


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