September 18, 2012

A new phone AND being shoved through a window....what a perfect weekend

I have become quite accustomed to having quiet (almost TOO quiet), lazy weekends.  Especially since MC went away to college (how dare he?  The ingrate).

So this past weekend.....well, it drained me.

Obviously, I need to pack my weekends with more activities more often to keep me on my toes.

I took Friday off because with the big boss out of the office the work day has been dead, boring,and eerily quiet I have far too many vacation days left on the calender before the end of the year.

This was perfect because I was in the market for a new phone.  I had decided to make the leap from a Blackberry to an Android (apparently, my last post was cryptic enough to have some of you thinking I'd been "Apple-ized").  But because I'm obsessive anal crazy thoughtful and mature in my decisions, I needed to do my "research."

Research, as I'm sure you know, involves months and months of trolling the internet trying to determine which would be the best fit for me both emotionally, physically, Internet-edly, and, most importantly, cost wise before actually setting foot into the store.

So with all my research done, Friday began with romps through the various stores in our town.  First stop, to check out the phones and see how they fit.  Only to discover the ones I thought were THE ones were too big, too overwhelming, didn't fit comfortably in my back pocket, etc. (just call me Golilocks and be done with it....I know!).  And to note that they didn't have two of the phones I wanted to look at on display and two more that piqued my curiousity .  God forbid, should I actually ask the sales rep if they had any in the back or about the two phones that looked interesting!  NO!  I prefer not to talk to sales rep until I'm actually ready to purchase....yes, I have an issue with salespeople.....sorry.

Needless to say, I went to three different stores to look at phones that weren't on display at the first store.  Only to come home to troll the internet some more about the other phones I had found; which lead me to two more stores; which lead me back home; which then lead me back to the first store to actually acquire a phone.  And to be truthful, I only returned to the first store because I'd run out of stores in town.

I did all this, of course, to keep the employees from thinking "Oh God, here she comes again!" and then talking about me behind my back.

Okay, after re-reading all that I am ready to admit I may be a little bit insane.  But only a little bit!  God knows, how Hubby puts up with me.

And that pretty much ate up my Friday.  But I DID come home with a new phone, so I consider it a success.  Even though I am still struggling with the virtual keyboard. Seriously, when did my fingers become SO fat?!  And?  I love, love, LOVE my new Android (sorry, Apple-ites.....and Blackberry).

Man-Child came home late Friday night via the fabulous bus that the school offers to the students.  No, not so much because he missed me (the ingrate....I'm beginning to think I should change his name to that) but because we (as in the family) were invited to not one, but TWO, parties on Saturday and he loves seeing these people and by his estimation even if we lived with them it still wouldn't give him enough of them.

Like a dummy, I agreed to both.

Now we all know that I have recently become a recluse.  Mainly, because it's hard to go to these things and put on a happy face and tell people that we are "fine" when obviously I am a blithering basket case.

But I agreed.  And Man-Child was coming home.  It was too late to back out now.

And?  Well, if the truth be told, I knew I'd been hiding from neglecting my friends.  So, despite not wanting to go, I sucked it up and went.

BUT before we could actually leave for the said parties, stacked up right on top of each other (one at 4:00 and the other at 6:30 pm) we hit a little snag, of course.

We were all dressed and ready to go.  Hubby said that we'd take my car.  Fine.  As he was packing up the bean salad that he was bringing for one of the parties, I walked out to wait by the car.  Man-Child followed. We chit-chatted a bit and waited.  Finally, here comes Hubby.  He SLAMS the door (for extra security, doncha know) behind him and we are ready to get on the road.

Hubby tells Man-Child to start the car while he nestled the salad into the back seat.  Man-Child asked for the keys and Hubby just looked at him.  Then he looked at me and said, "Don't you have the keys?"  I shook my head.  Why would I have my keys when he was clearly going to drive?

We all looked at each other with that particular sense of dread and then Hubby said, "$&#*!" and we all looked at the door, willing it to be unlocked.

It wasn't.

Man-Child got the brilliant idea of using the "clicker" (the garage door opener) to get us in but sadly, as I never use that thing anymore, the batteries in it had died.  Man-Child, for once, didn't have his keys on him - since we took them back once he went to school in case we need his car, so we couldn't use the clicker that is in there.  And Hubby doesn't have a clicker and even if he did, his car was locked up tight as well.

So the guys tromped around the left side of the house looking for a way in - with Hubby cursing up a storm about he had just closed all the windows to the house.

I, of course, was tweeting about how we were locked out.  I mean come on, that's what I do.

Until I heard a loud, screeching sound coming from the back.  Then I went around the right side to see what damage they were inflicting were doing.

Once I'd made it around to the back of the house, I'd discovered that they had pulled the grill over to the one tiny, kitchen window that was still open and trying to pry the screen off.  All while putting serious dents into the lid of the grill.

Me, being the genius I am, quickly determined that 1) Hubby would NOT fit through that very tiny, tiny window and 2) that the much, much larger window in the dining room was open.  So I asked the most logical question I could, "Why aren't you going through the dining room?"

Hubby replied that it wasn't open.  I looked back to the larger window and by my estimation it WAS open.  So I shared that opinion with him.  He climbed down and came over to look.....and sure enough it was open (he'd forgotten that he'd opened it earlier in the day - thank God because otherwise I'd be typing this while firemen struggled to free him from the much tinier window).

Well darn it.  Imagine that.  Had he walked two more steps over he might have noticed it.  Not only was it much, much larger it was also marginally closer to the ground.

And with that they abandoned the grill and came over to start prying the screen out of the window.  Once that was accomplished, they both grabbed me by the legs and hoisted me up and shoved me through the open window.  Whereupon I thumped unceremoniously to the floor.  Upon regaining my equilibrium (and dignity) I grabbed the keys and headed toward the door.

Needless to say I made it through and proceeded to the parties just a tad dusty.

Three lessons were learned:

1) we need to be more careful about closing and locking our windows
2) we need to have a spare key somewhere...especially since this is about the third or fourth time we've had to break into our own house. *sigh*
3) go to the parties.  They do care.


  1. Oh my goodness!!! We need to have a few drinks........

  2. Yeah, but... doesn't that show you how easy it would be for someone else to do the same thing???

  3. I am so glad you went to the parties. You are a party girl. I am sorry man child had to go away to college. Just reading this made me cry.

    I laughed about your phone searching story and your aversion to salesmen!

  4. We used to get locked out now and then, but once we hid a key outside it never happened again. Funny story! :-)

  5. Oh my. So many comments I don't know where to begin.
    1. Might I suggest one of those things where you can lock your keys in and it has a combination number that only you guys know. So you can almost leave it in plain sight. The biggest problem is remembering the combination!
    2. Man-child. I have one of those. He's almost 17 and 6'3". I think I need a new nickname!
    3. I love how Americans tote food to parties. It's a given. You go to a party and take a dish.
    4. I know what you mean about missing a college child but man - what I would give for a quiet weekend. (Two boys still at home.)